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Should you Shave a Bichon Frise? The Pros and Cons – Shaved Bichon Frise

Shaving Your Bichon Frise

Should You Shave a Bichon Frise. A Properly Groomed Bichon has a Cotton like an Appearance, the Hair standing about 1″ Long. There are times when it is wise to shave your Bichon coat. It Grows fast so it will return in 2- 3 months. Bichon Frise does not shed, so their hair will continue to grow and if not very regularly brushed can become matted to the point your only choice is to shave them

Shave a Bichon Frise / Why Would I Want to Shave My Bichon Frise? – Shaved Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise has soft white hairs like cotton. The texture of the inner layer is dense and smooth and the outer layer is more curly and thicker. This beautiful two-layer combination gives your bichon a powder puff look. Shaved Bichon Frise

Due to the double coat, you may be thinking, should you shave your Bichon? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Bichon Frise shaving?
How to Bathe and Dry a Bichon Frise_ The Essential Guide

The main purpose of the double hair coat is to protect your bichon from the cold and keep it warm. In summer, this double hair provides insulation and helps keep your bichon cool. Experts generally don’t recommend shaving of double-coat breeds like Bichon frise because they have a special mechanism in which dogs shed their undercoat in summer and regrow in winter.

It does not mean that your bichon does not need to have its hair cut or groomed. You must groom your bichon regularly to remove dead hair since it will allow maximum air circulation next to its skin.

Should I Shave my Bichon Frise in Summer / Hot Climates?

Looking from two Angles to yhis from

Owner – You Dog will not have the cotton look that a properly groomed Bichon Frise would have.

Bichon – It is extremely more comfortable for the dog

In hotter areas, climates and in hot summers, your bichon can be shaved after 5 to 6 weeks, according to some professional groomers.

You should closely monitor your Bichon Frise, if your Bichon Frise gasps more than normal, then your Bichon Frise is affected by the heat in your area.

If there is a change of season from winter to summer and you live in a warm climate area, then your bichon frise could be shaved. You should visit a professional groomer as soon as possible to shave your bichon frise.

What is a Puppy Cut

When Bichon Frise Puppies are getting older . They loose their first coat of fur. As They get Older they can look very rough and just a round ball of Whit Hair. As they got older we would take them in to our Grromers and had them give them a puppy cut.

They would cut the hair about 3/8 in length. Left the Head and Tail Fluffy. The Bichons then would continue to have the Lion Look. It is an attractive cut. very easy to care for.

As our Dogs got older we gave them all puppy cuts, every two Months. It took most of the grooming work out of their care.

Puppy Cut

Pros of Shaving of Bichon Frise

The advantages of shaving in Bichon Frise are as follows:

Severly Matted

Bichon Frise do not shed, which is great from a Hair Everywhere – point of view. The downsize of that is that if you do not keep them brushed out, thier hair continues to grow and then it matts.

Small Matting can be brushed out, but if it is too severly matted, your only option is to shave them and start fresh.

Video Severly Matted Bichon Frise

Reduce panting

If your bichon frise is panting heavily and your place is very hot, you can shave to reduce panting. Your adorable bichon will feel less heat. In the Summer our Bichon’s got very hot, when given the option they stayed right in the air-conditioning with us.

Wet coat

If your bichon plays in the water most of the time and its thick coat gets wet very often, shaving is the best solution for this problem. When the dogs coat is that short, they clean up easily. bathes are quicker and you can easily spot any critters that could be hitching a ride that should,not be.


Myiasis is the infection of the fly larva. Generally, in the summer season, your Bichon Frise can be affected by lice and mites.

These mites could easily grow into long double-layered hairs of your Bichon Frise. If the bichon is shaved, mites and flies cannot infect its skin, and larvae cannot grow on their skin. It is also very hard to spot them when the dogs, hair is long.


Bichon Frise does not shed, So the problem with most Breeds is that they shed constantly . This means when you play with them, or sit on your couch have hair all over your clothes. That was one of the blessings with the breed. You do not get hair on your clothes or all over your house.


If the bichon is shaved, there is no need to extra take care of his coat. There will be no need to brush his hair regularly. Usually you need to brush them regularly to maintain the Bichon Frise Appearance. We had to groom our Bichon’s Every 2 Months. But when you keep their coats short. You only need to brush their Heads and Tails.

Regular Bichon Cut

Cons of Shaving of Bichon Frise

The disadvantages of shaving a Bichon Frise are as follows:

Cold weather

The bichon frise layer generally protects it from extreme weather conditions. If you live in cold weather and shave your bichon frise, then your bichon frise will feel cold. He can suffer from different respiratory diseases. You have to watch when you put them out, in the winter. They can can get over exposed when it gets cold and if they are exposed to snow.

We put a Doggie Door in our living room. We bought one that was one of the more expensive models, it had double Flaps. But they could go out in the back yard when ever they needed to go out.


The coat of your bichon frise keeps it dry inside. This layer is actually insulation for such conditions. The dog will be more susceptible to wind chills due to lack of insulating fur.

Sun tanning

If your bichon frise is shaved and summer is on the way, then your bichon’s largest organ, the skin will burn from extreme heat. It can cause extreme skin rashes as well as other skin conditions. This skin burn can also cause skin cancer on your bichon. Their skin is normally a pink color, so is sun sensitive, when extremely short.


The bichons are playful breed . They can be easily injured on the skin. The long hair coat generally also protects your bichon frise from injury. If your bichon is shaved, it is more prone to get skin lesions.


The beauty of your bichon frise is its long white hair. If the bichon is shaved then it is not as beautiful as it is with the hair. They are truly a beautiful Breed, but do need a lot of maintenance to maintain that. If you completely shave them, head and tail, they do look quite ugly


Alopecia is complete or medium baldness of the skin. Due to post-shave sunburn from your bichon frise, your bichon may lose his hair follicles. If your bichon will lose hair follicles, he will experience baldness for the rest of his life.

Things you need to Shave a Bichon

You need to bathe the Bichon very well and separate any matts. Then you can shave your pet. Need to make sure when you are shaving that close that you make sure your pet does not have any large moles.

  • Shampoo
  • Brush
  • Clippers
  • Table
  • Restraining Leash
  • Conditioner

Tips for Shaving Your Bchon

Several Times we shaved oiur Bichons. Their hair got too long and matted heavily. To Brush them out once it is out of control, it is very painful for them. When that happened we had them shaved and begab Fresh.

  • Plan it if you can – very short hair in the winter can make them suceptible to freezing and frostbite
  • It it is in middle of summer – watch for sunburns if you leave them outside alot.
  • Caution when you have them shaved – they look like big White Rats.

Conclusion – Shaved Bichon Frise

Bichons are among the top fifteen breeds that contract allergies. These could be skin pollen or anything else, so check your Bichon Frise, if you see rashes or allergies on your bichon’s skin after shaving, then visit your vet as soon as possible. Ours were sensitive to shampoos, Foods with Byproducts, Ticks, and Fleas. Which all were connected to their coats.

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