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Bichon Frise Everything You Would Want to Know

The Bichon Frise (pronounced BEE-Shawn FREE-say) is a relatively popular dog breed in the United States, and the UK. This cute and cheerful dog has been a charming everyone from street performer audiences to European royalties for centuries. It is one of the small, white powder puff dog breeds that many people have trouble telling different breeds, apart at a glance! However, Bichon Frise is different from other dog breeds, and we have compiled everything you would want to know about a Bichon. 

They are Great Pick for People with Allergies 

Because they don’t shed like other breeds , Bichon Frises are generally considered a fantastic choice for people with allergies. However, you might have to speak with your allergist to be sure owning a Bichon is safe for your health. And even after doing that, we recommend you spend some time with a Bichon as this will further confirm whether you should buy this dog breed or not. 

When we firt began Breeding them, it started by our girls wanting to have a dog. Our Thought were

  • We wanted to get the girls into 4 H, Bichons are great Show Dogs
  • I wanted Dogs we could recoup their cost and possibly breed them
  • We thought Breeding the Dogs would be a great experience for our Girls
  • We wanted Dogs that were small – didn’t eat a tremendous amount of Dog Food
  • We wanted Dogs that did not poop a lot. – smaller – we had three acres
  • Non Shedding – so the hair would not be around the House
  • One of our Girls had asthma – so needed to be non-allergenic.

Bichons are Prone to Allergies

Unfortunately, as a breed, Bichon Frises tend to inherit a faulty immune system, which makes them suffer from more than their fair share of allergies. They may suffer from allergies caused by several different causes, including contact allergies and food allergies. Should you buy a dog of this breed, be sure to take him to the vet whenever you see him scratching, licking at his paws, or rubbing his face often as these are common symptoms of an allergy attack. 

When we first got our two Bichons, Cody and Cleopatra – they both had problems with Hotspots. We Bought them as puppies, they were 8 weeks old. We were inexperienced Dog owners. We Fed them with Grocery Store Dog Food – The cheaper the better.

They got older hotspots that would come for both dogs. We took them to our Vets – Their answer was always the same Antihistimenes – basically drug up the dogs so they would not scratch so much.

We Began our own research. It Took us several Years, but through a combination of food, grooming, and careful Breeding our Bichons did not have Hotspots anymore.

We felt that our Food that we were feeding them was the major culprits.


They Suffer Separation Anxiety 

More than most dog breeds, Bichon Frises crave social activity and may suffer separation anxiety if left alone for too long. They love attention from humans and crave our company most of the time, so this dog breed isn’t for you if you’re at out at work for most of the day. In such situations, Bichon may become destructive, chewing and tearing up anything in sight.

Our Bichons always were a very active, and playful Dog Breed. Even as they got older, 10+ they were very playful. We were gone alot during the day. The way we got around that was trhat i installed a dog door in the living room. It was Great. Our Bichons then could go and come as they pleased, Inside and then back out to the yard when they wanted to run or go to the bathroom

Bichon Frise Everything You Would Want to Know 1
Bichon Frise Everything You Would Want to Know 2

Our Door we bought had two plastic flaps. It did a very good job of stopping drafts in the winter. Worked well for us.

They have a Great Personality 

Bichon Frises have a friendly, playful, and loving personality, making them adept at charming their family, neighbors, groomer, and veterinarian. Perhaps, the best way to describe this dog breed is “happy-go-lucky” as they operate under the assumption that there are no strangers, just friends they’ve never met. One notable aspect of their personality is their confidence, which makes it easy to teach them tricks and get them to perform for their loved ones. They settle well in many different environments, provided they’re made the center of attention. 

Our Bichons Did not Really have a barking problem. In the House, they were just playful, not noisy. When a stranger came they would bark. If They felt we were threatened they would nip to protect us.

They have Different Temperaments 

It can be hard to define the temperament of Bichon Frises as this largely depends on three factors, namely: heredity, training, and socialization. To have an idea of how a Bichon will be like when fully grown, it’s best to visit his siblings or parents to see how they behave. Then, you need to consider the level of exposure a Bichon had while he was smaller, as this plays a critical role in how polished his social skills will be. Early socialization helps a great deal! Also, it’s important to sign up a Bichon for obedience training early to help him learn proper canine manners.  They are very intelligent so are quick learners.

They Need Regular Grooming

Even though their beautiful coat is hypoallergenic, Bichon Frises do need a lot of grooming to release some dead hair that might otherwise form a mat. They require brushing and combing weekly, while clipping and trimming are recommended every 6-8 weeks. If you’re a highly motivated pet parent, you can learn to do the grooming yourself, but the routine requires a lot of time and effort. As a result, most Bichon owners pay for professional grooming. 

Grooming Bichons are challenging with what we have learned. When we were Breeding, we had 9 Females, one male, and litters going on all year long. Types of Grooming

  • Show Cuts – at least 1″ in overall length, with Lion Head and Fluffy Tail
  • Puppy Cuts – 3/8 – 1/2 ” overall length – Lion Head and Fluffy Tail
  • Shaved – Sometimes if your Bichon gets too matted the only choice you have is to shave them and start all over – they look like a rat but gives you a good starting point
  • Once your Dog Becomes Matted – it is very hard to untangle the matts, it is also very painful to the Dogs. It is not wise to make the grooming a traumatic experience, or your pet will hate it from then on.

They are excellent companions but can get quite demanding 

If you want a canine for companionship, the Bichon makes for a great choice. They might play all by themselves alone, but that doesn’t mean they really want to be alone. It’s only a short while before your pup comes back to you again. Bichon Frises hate to be ignored and will make a fuss if not given attention, making them quite a clingy breed. Thankfully, they are tolerant of the noise and commotion associated with children, and they enjoy playing with them. 

They’re Highly Trainable 

Bichons are intelligent and are perfectly capable of executing a good number of training commands. They learn new tricks easily and love to please their loved ones. However, you can only train them by being gentle and firm as they tend to get discouraged when scolded or corrected harshly. It can also ruin their confidence and make it harder for them to learn any tricks. A major problem in this aspect is that they are notoriously difficult to housebreak, so consider opting for crate training instead. Patience and positive reinforcement can make it easy for them to learn training commands. 

They are a Perfect Choice for First-Time dog owners

Their exercise requirements are easy to meet as small sessions of intense play usually do the trick of keeping them fit.

They’re also playful, friendly, and affectionate, which makes them wonderful companions for kids.

We had our Three Girls, 2 Cats, and 5 Babysitting Children, and never had an issue with our Dogs being aggressive toward any of the children. Children can be innocently hard on dogs, our dogs would learn quickly to scurry just out of reach.

Apart from that, Bichons are cute and small, making them ideal for first-time pet owners who are looking to own an adorable pooch. The key requirement is to spend plenty of time with a Bichon Frise and not expect him to enjoy his own company for too long. Plus, you will need a fence to contain these fluffy balls of energy, as they can be quite fast

They are Prone to Certain Health Conditions

Bichon Frises are usually very healthy and typically live longer than most breeds. The average lifespan of a Bichon is around 12-15 years if appropriately fed and cared for. However, they’re prone to certain health conditions due to heredity, and it’s also important to keep these in mind. Common health conditions that are peculiar to the breed include bladder stones and infections, hip dysplasia, juvenile cataracts, and vaccination sensitivity.

Bichon Frise Everything You Would Want to Know 3


With the points shared above, you should now be able to decide if a Bichon Frise is right for you. Bichons are generally healthy dogs and are a combination of a variety of traits, including curiosity, intelligence, playfulness, and friendliness. Be sure to only buy a Bichon puppy from a reputable breeder so you can be certain that they’re free of genetic diseases and that they have sound temperaments.

Top 10 Bichon Designer Breeds / Parents /Size / Video

Designer MixParentsSizeVideo
MaltichonBichon / MalteseHeight / 8-11 inches
Weight / 8 - 13 lbs
Bichpoo Bichon / PoodleHeight / 9 - 14 inches
Weight / 6 - 9 lbs
Shichon Bichon / Shih TzuHeight / 9 - 12 inches
Weight / 10 - 15lbs
Yorkie BichonBichon / YorkieHeight / 9 - 12 inches
Weight / 6 - 8 lbs
Bichon Yorkie
Chi Chon Bichon / ChihuahuaHeight / 8 - 10 Inches
Weight / 6 - 10 Lbs
Chi Chon
KashonBichon / Cairn TerrierHeight / 9 - 15 Inches
Weight / 10 -18 Lbs
Goldichon Bichon / Golden RetrieverHeight/15 - 20 inches
Weight /20-40 Lbs
ChonzerBichon / Miniature SchnauzerHeight /10-16 inches
Weight / 25-35 lbs
Glechon Bichon / Beagle Height /15-16 inches
Weight / 15-35 lbs
Corgi Bichon / CorgiHeight /11-13 inches
Weight / 31-37 lbs
List of the Designer Breeds from the Bichon Frise
Name - Link for Research
Parents - Breeds of Dogs
Size Height / Weight
Video - Video of the Bichon Designer Breed

Chart of Bichon Birthing Accessories

Breeder BoxDo Not used Wired Dog cage
HeaterWe use space heater for whole Room
scaleTo Weigh Puppies make sure they are Gaining Weight
Clean towelsChande during Birthing to clean up
Protected SpaceKeep Mother away from other Dogs to avoid Distress
Draft ProtectionDrafts can chill and kill a Puppy
Squash protectionMothers can accidently squash a puppy
clean bedding to replace after birth - will be wet
SeclusionNeeds her Privacy - she can get Hyper
Rubber GlovesKeep things Clean and from Blood
Scisorrs & ThreadFor Cutting Cord
List of Needed Items to Have Prepared For Puppy Birth

Puppy Birthing Complications

If UnsureTake to Vet If Time allows
Keep Mother IsolatedIf Other dogs around she could get defensive and accidently Hurt Puppies
Puppy Accidentally CrushedMake sure Not Giving Birth in Dog cage - puppies can work themselves through mesh and get Damaged
Not BreathingGently Give it Mouth to mouth
Not breathingMassage Puppy trying to gently force fluid from his lungs
Puppy StuckGently Pull
Puppy BreechHelp Guide legs out
Puppy ColdRaise Enviorment to 85 degrees
Puppy ColdChange Wet Bedding
Puppy ColdWarm Puppy up put on Your body till body heat warms him
Puppy ColdNo drafts - No metal Floor Pan on Cage
Puppy not going on NippleHelp Guide him to nipple till he gets hand of it
Puppy not feedingTry Small baby Bottle
let him suck - do not force him - can drown him with milk going in lungs
Puppy not feedingUse puppy Milk Supplement
Puppy Not feeding check for Cleft Palate
Puppy Not FeedingTake to Vet - he can show you Catheter Feeding
Puppy Not GrowingMake sure Mother has plenty Food Water
Puppy Not GrowingYou can check on scale
Labor stops or is prolonged over 24 hours Take to vet - C section can save litter and Mother if needed
Mother does not Remove MembraneYou will Need to Manually remove it
Mother does not chew through Umbilical CordYou will need to cut it 1/2 " away from puppies body tier with thread
Here is a List of Puppy Birth Complications you might Encounter
And Recommended Steps

Expense Table for Owning Bichons Frise

Average Cost of AKC PuppyPuppy ShotsFoodGrooming 4 / per yearCage / Accessories / Bowls / Brushes / Leash / CollarAKC - Registration
Within 6 Months of Purchase
Micro ChipYearly Meds
Heart Worm
Dog LicenseTotal InvestmentPuppies Possible / Year
$ 450 - No Breeding Rights$ 120$ 10 / Wk
High Quality Food
$ 45 ea / $180 YrCage - $50
Rest - 50
$ 35$ 45 - One Time Cost
By Vet
Heart Worm Meds - $60 / Yr
Worming - $ 30 / YR
$ 35 / Yr$ 1575 / Dog1-6 Puppies
Average 3
$ 750 - $ 950
Puppy with AKC Papers and No Restrictions
Total Investment
This Table just shows you the Expenses in Keeping a Bichon That we have found in Owning a Bichon

Breeds Descended from Water Dogs

Name of BreedCountry of Origin
American Water SpanielUnited States
Cantabrian Water DogSpain
English Water SpanielEngland
Irish water SpanielIreland
Lagotto RomagnoioItaly
Portuguese Water DogPortugal
Pudelpointer Germany
Spanish water DogSpain
Tweed water SpanielEngland
This a list of Breeds that have Descended from Medival times Water Dogs- used by Hunters

Bichon Frise Resource Links

Bichon Frise Club of AmericaUnited StatesLink
Bichon Frise AKCUnited StatesLink
Bichon Frise United Kennel ClubUKLink
Resources for Bichon Frise Owners and Breeders