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Exercise a Bichon Frise: How Much, How Long, and Why

Exercise a Bichon Frise_ How Much, How Long and Why

Exercising your Bichon

Bichon Frise dogs typically need 20 minutes of outdoor exercise a day whether it is a walk or chasing a ball in the backyard or park. Outdoor space is essential for Bichon Frise. In the coldest part of the winter, that can be a challenge. Always have your dog’s health evaluated by his veterinarian before you begin an exercise program. Always check with your veterinarian before starting a new and demanding activity with your Bichon. Once you get the go-ahead, have fun! Some ways to make exercise and play a part in your dog’s life:

How to Exercise a Bichon Frise

Check with breeders and dog clubs for direction. Ask when the next obedience or agility classes will start and enter your Bichon just for the fun of it. Even if he is already trained, attending a refresher class will give him an opportunity to interact with other dogs and focus some of his energy into appropriate behavior.

In the winter, wrap up warm and go for a walk. Even a short walk is preferable to no walk. Find a place with a windbreak and dress appropriately. Treadmills are trendy for people and can be fun for dogs. You can teach your dog how to walk on the treadmill.

Don’t ever leave your Bichon unattended, don’t allow the leash to dangle where it could tangle and, like you, build up his endurance slowly. Have your veterinarian instruct you how to detect possible warning signs, which may indicate your Bichon has exercised too much.

Things You Should Do During Exercise

Consider your Bichon’s needs and present physical condition. Leisurely walks may be best for an older Bichon while a young adult dog will have ample energy for a vigorous exercise program. Bichon Frise puppies should not stress their growing bones, joints, or muscles through excessive jumping or strenuous exercise.

Exercises Your Dogs Inside

Be sensible about what you ask your Bichon Frise to do. Hard games of fetch or catching a flying disc burn off a lot of steam, but they also stress a dog’s joints to the maximum. Go slow! If you have not exercised your Bichon regularly and decide to launch a regular exercise program, begin with short periods of activity at slow speeds and gradually increase the time, speed, and distance.

Begin walking or running your Bichon on soft surfaces such as dirt, sand, or grass until his pads toughen. Keep your dog’s nails trimmed so they won’t tear as he runs. Keep your Bichon on a leash; it gives you control when walking or running. If you exercise at night, place a reflective collar on your Bichon, use a bright-colored leash, and wear white or light-colored clothing so the two of you can be seen.

Check your Bichon’s feet for the presence of burrs, grass, thorns, rocks, or ice and snow, all of which should be removed immediately. Check carefully for ticks after exercising outdoors. Read more about ticks. Obey local laws about cleaning up after your dog and using a leash. Your police department or animal control department can tell you more about the laws in your area.

Things You Shouldn’t Do During Exercise

Exercise your Bichon immediately before or after he has eaten; a full stomach may cause digestive upsets. Provide only small amounts of water before and directly after exercise.

Go out in the noonday sun. Running in the heat is dangerous for Bichon Frise, just because he is willing to jog with you in 90-degree heat doesn’t mean it is safe for him to do so. Don’t Raise a couch potato. Bichon Frise can live longer, healthier lives if kept lean and fit. If you love your dog, you’ll exercise him.

How Much Should a Bichon Frise Walk?

A Bichon Frise requires a daily walk of between 20 to 30 minutes at a comfortable pace for them. This can be a walk on a leash around the block or can be on leash exploring at the local park. The daily walk is not only a good way to release some pent-up energy, but is also a good opportunity for training and is great for building your bond with each other.

Best Dog Exercises

It also provides mental stimulation by way of the sights, sounds, and smells they come across and social interaction with other dogs you meet along the way. A short daily walk is more beneficial than nothing all week with a long walk at the weekend.

If you prefer you can take your Bichon Frise for two shorter walks instead. Obviously, every dog is an individual, even of the same breed. By observing your Bichon Frise you can assess how long of a walk they need. If they are panting excessively or falling behind, they have probably had enough. It is probably a good idea to end the walk. If they are happily trotting along you can choose to walk a bit further.

Games to Play with Bichon Puppies

Games are fun, but they can also teach your Bichon puppy valuable skills like retrieving, searching, and obedience.

Depending on your puppy’s personality and temperament, you can teach your puppy variations of games as vast as your imagination.

Fetch is a favorite game and can be useful for reinforcing the “coming when called” command, as well as teaching your puppy to bring the newspaper or your slippers if you are so inclined. Find-the-toy type games teach your puppy to rely on his sense of smell and use his brain. They can also prepare your puppy for tracking. The tug is a natural instinct but be careful.

Training Small Puppies

When you remember that each game teaches your Bichon something, you will realize that tug teaches your Bichon to fight with you. If your puppy has a dominant streak the game may get out of hand. Make sure you are the one to start and finish this game and that your puppy drops the toy on command. Agility games are a great way to burn off extra calories and energy.

They also increase your puppy’s coordination and confidence. Bichon Frise loves the challenge of negotiating obstacles as well as getting the praise you give when they do well

. But before you start, be sure to find a trainer who understands that Bichon puppies should not stress their growing bones, joints, or muscles through excessive jumping or strenuous exercise.

Furthermore, keep in mind that Bichon Frise is prone to back problems, so be careful what type of games do you play? In the end, games are about a connection between you and your puppy. Sure, your puppy has toys that are fun and provide entertainment. But games include you, and that’s the best as far as your puppy is concerned.

Dog Sports

Dog sports are increasing in popularity every year. More and more events are being televised, from agility contests to dog shows, and there really is something for every dog (and person) to participate in and enjoy. Although not many Bichon Frise owners sign their dog up for sporting events if you are interested the following is what you need to consider.

5 Sports for You and Your Dog

Choosing a Sport

In order to choose a sport, you have to know a little about each one. Here’s a short description of some of the more common dog events your Bichon can likely participate in:

Agility Competitions

Dogs race over, through, and around obstacles as quickly as possible with the human keeping up and giving the directions. Most dogs and people can enjoy learning the basics of this sport even if the competition is not a goal. Different size dogs jump different height jumps, so many toy breeds can compete with great success. Read more about Agility Courses.

Agility Competitions

Confirmation / Dog Shows

This is what most people think of when they hear “dog show” – a contest to see which purebred dog most closely conforms to its breed standard. Some of the largest shows are now televised, so everyone can enjoy the glamour of these events.

Obedience Competitions

While many of us struggle to get our dogs to sit, obedience competitors teach their dogs a complex series of behaviors on which they are judged.

Other activities

There are numerous other sports in which to participate: pet-assisted therapy, skijoring, tracking, herding, Rally-O, dancing with dogs, hunt tests, backpacking, carting, swim tests, earth dog tests, sledding, and much, much more are all available. Conduct a little research, invest your time and energy in training and you and your dog can join in the fun.

Things to Consider before Dogs Sport

Exercise a Bichon Frise: How Much, How Long, and Why 1

Age of Your Bichon

Bichon Frise dogs need to be fully mature to start doing the strenuous physical activity but do not let that stop you from starting to teach your pup the basics of the sport you’re interested in early. Just work with a sensible trainer and take things easy until your veterinarian tells you it is safe for your Bichon to compete.

Soundness / Health of Your Dog

A strong body is a requirement for many sports. No matter what your dream is, if your Bichon isn’t built for it or doesn’t enjoy it, then it is time to adjust your plans. You and your dog are a team. It is your job to make sure your Bichon is safe, pain-free, and happy.

Time to Devote

The more strenuous the sport, the more time is needed both for training and for conditioning your Bichon to peak physical condition. Training or competing with a dog that is not in top physical form can lead to injury.

So, your choices are to devote the time needed to succeed, participate in a less intense way, or find another sport that you can more easily work into your schedule. Few things are as rewarding as competing with your Bichon, having all your months and years of training come together seamlessly so you both do your best. Win or lose, such moments are among the rewards of Bichon Friseownership.

Good Toys for A Bichon Puppy

One of your Bichon puppy’s “jobs” is to chew. It may relieve some of the pain of teething, it may be the practice of feeding skills, it may be just something to do, but chewing is a huge part of a puppy’s first year. Your job is to supply appropriate toys for chewing so he won’t choose your shoes. Squeaky toys, rattling toys, and those with bells are great fun.

Most such toys are also destructible, so monitor your puppy if he has moved into a destructive phase. Squeakers and nylon pieces are better in the toy and as part of the toy than in your puppy – so don’t let him chew and swallow any pieces. Toys made of hard rubber are sturdy and come in various shapes and sizes. Insert a biscuit treat or peanut butter into rubber toys with holes, and the puppy will be highly entertained.

To aid in cleaning puppy’s teeth, choose dental toys or chews that are made with bumps and grooves. Be sure to rotate the toys puppy plays with each week. Otherwise, he may get bored with them and ignore them in favor of something new, like the sheetrock or your sneakers.


Bichon Frise’s are very playful energetic dogs. They need a regular time of exercise each day. If Bichons are in healthy condition, they will be happier, less medical problems, and longer lifespans.

Top 10 Bichon Designer Breeds / Parents /Size / Video

Designer MixParentsSizeVideo
MaltichonBichon / MalteseHeight / 8-11 inches
Weight / 8 - 13 lbs
Bichpoo Bichon / PoodleHeight / 9 - 14 inches
Weight / 6 - 9 lbs
Shichon Bichon / Shih TzuHeight / 9 - 12 inches
Weight / 10 - 15lbs
Yorkie BichonBichon / YorkieHeight / 9 - 12 inches
Weight / 6 - 8 lbs
Bichon Yorkie
Chi Chon Bichon / ChihuahuaHeight / 8 - 10 Inches
Weight / 6 - 10 Lbs
Chi Chon
KashonBichon / Cairn TerrierHeight / 9 - 15 Inches
Weight / 10 -18 Lbs
Goldichon Bichon / Golden RetrieverHeight/15 - 20 inches
Weight /20-40 Lbs
ChonzerBichon / Miniature SchnauzerHeight /10-16 inches
Weight / 25-35 lbs
Glechon Bichon / Beagle Height /15-16 inches
Weight / 15-35 lbs
Corgi Bichon / CorgiHeight /11-13 inches
Weight / 31-37 lbs
List of the Designer Breeds from the Bichon Frise
Name - Link for Research
Parents - Breeds of Dogs
Size Height / Weight
Video - Video of the Bichon Designer Breed

Chart of Bichon Birthing Accessories

Breeder BoxDo Not used Wired Dog cage
HeaterWe use space heater for whole Room
scaleTo Weigh Puppies make sure they are Gaining Weight
Clean towelsChande during Birthing to clean up
Protected SpaceKeep Mother away from other Dogs to avoid Distress
Draft ProtectionDrafts can chill and kill a Puppy
Squash protectionMothers can accidently squash a puppy
clean bedding to replace after birth - will be wet
SeclusionNeeds her Privacy - she can get Hyper
Rubber GlovesKeep things Clean and from Blood
Scisorrs & ThreadFor Cutting Cord
List of Needed Items to Have Prepared For Puppy Birth

Puppy Birthing Complications

If UnsureTake to Vet If Time allows
Keep Mother IsolatedIf Other dogs around she could get defensive and accidently Hurt Puppies
Puppy Accidentally CrushedMake sure Not Giving Birth in Dog cage - puppies can work themselves through mesh and get Damaged
Not BreathingGently Give it Mouth to mouth
Not breathingMassage Puppy trying to gently force fluid from his lungs
Puppy StuckGently Pull
Puppy BreechHelp Guide legs out
Puppy ColdRaise Enviorment to 85 degrees
Puppy ColdChange Wet Bedding
Puppy ColdWarm Puppy up put on Your body till body heat warms him
Puppy ColdNo drafts - No metal Floor Pan on Cage
Puppy not going on NippleHelp Guide him to nipple till he gets hand of it
Puppy not feedingTry Small baby Bottle
let him suck - do not force him - can drown him with milk going in lungs
Puppy not feedingUse puppy Milk Supplement
Puppy Not feeding check for Cleft Palate
Puppy Not FeedingTake to Vet - he can show you Catheter Feeding
Puppy Not GrowingMake sure Mother has plenty Food Water
Puppy Not GrowingYou can check on scale
Labor stops or is prolonged over 24 hours Take to vet - C section can save litter and Mother if needed
Mother does not Remove MembraneYou will Need to Manually remove it
Mother does not chew through Umbilical CordYou will need to cut it 1/2 " away from puppies body tier with thread
Here is a List of Puppy Birth Complications you might Encounter
And Recommended Steps

Expense Table for Owning Bichons Frise

Average Cost of AKC PuppyPuppy ShotsFoodGrooming 4 / per yearCage / Accessories / Bowls / Brushes / Leash / CollarAKC - Registration
Within 6 Months of Purchase
Micro ChipYearly Meds
Heart Worm
Dog LicenseTotal InvestmentPuppies Possible / Year
$ 450 - No Breeding Rights$ 120$ 10 / Wk
High Quality Food
$ 45 ea / $180 YrCage - $50
Rest - 50
$ 35$ 45 - One Time Cost
By Vet
Heart Worm Meds - $60 / Yr
Worming - $ 30 / YR
$ 35 / Yr$ 1575 / Dog1-6 Puppies
Average 3
$ 750 - $ 950
Puppy with AKC Papers and No Restrictions
Total Investment
This Table just shows you the Expenses in Keeping a Bichon That we have found in Owning a Bichon

Breeds Descended from Water Dogs

Name of BreedCountry of Origin
American Water SpanielUnited States
Cantabrian Water DogSpain
English Water SpanielEngland
Irish water SpanielIreland
Lagotto RomagnoioItaly
Portuguese Water DogPortugal
Pudelpointer Germany
Spanish water DogSpain
Tweed water SpanielEngland
This a list of Breeds that have Descended from Medival times Water Dogs- used by Hunters

Bichon Frise Resource Links

Bichon Frise Club of AmericaUnited StatesLink
Bichon Frise AKCUnited StatesLink
Bichon Frise United Kennel ClubUKLink
Resources for Bichon Frise Owners and Breeders