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When Can a German Shepherd Get Pregnant at 6 Months?

Can a German Shepherd Get Pregnant at 6 Months?

When Can a German Shepherd Get Pregnant at 6 Months?

Can a German Shepherd get pregnant at 6 months? Lucky are those who are in love with dogs because they are just enjoying a life full of love and loyalty. Moreover, the entry of tiny balls of fur will add another savor to your life. That’s why if you have a female German Shepherd and you are going to plan her breeding, it will be the most adorable act you have ever done. Just relax and be prepared for ruining your restlessness. When Can a German Shepherd Get Pregnant at 6 Months?

At which age a German Shepherd gets pregnant is a common question. A German Shepherd can indeed get pregnant at the age of six months. The only need is to ensure good nutrition, but you must wait until she reaches 2 years of age for better consequences. At a younger age, there are chances of health-related issues for the mother as well as the pups.

When Can a German Shepherd Get Pregnant at 6 Months? 1
Can a German Shepherd Get Pregnant at 6 Months?

German Shepherds belong to the large and big breed of dog, which is the reason for varying puppies sizes. At an early age, like six months old, the German Shepherd dog (GSD) is not getting enough sexual maturity, so there are chances to harm her puppies’ litter. Moreover, the conception at an early age may stimulate confusion in the Shepherd dog, leading to putting the puppies’ lives at risk.

The normal gestation period (pregnancy) for a Shepherd dog is about 65 days, starting from the first day of breeding. In contrast, the average number of puppies in a litter for a female German Shepherd dog is six to nine. When you come to know that your girl Shepherd dog is pregnant, it is your foremost duty to make sure the provision of extra care along with balanced nutrition.

As long as the puppy’s size is concerned, it mostly depends upon the following factors;

  1. The age of the mother dog
  2. Health condition of the dog
  3. Nutrition of the dog
  4. The genetic make-up of parents dogs

At What Age Can German Shepherds Breed?

The important thing for dog owners who are going to breed their dogs is acknowledging heat signs.

The reproductive cycle is often known as the “Heat Cycle” or “Estrous Cycle,” usually starts as early as when the dog is about six months old. At the onset of the heat cycle, the female GSD starts showing heat signs (Estrus). Broadly speaking, a shepherd dog experiences 2 cycles per year.

When Can a German Shepherd Get Pregnant at 6 Months? 2
Can a German Shepherd Get Pregnant at 6 Months?

If you want to have a healthy litter of puppies, you should miss the first two cycles of your GSD. According to the veterinarian, the best age for German Shepherd breeding ranges from 2 to 8 years.

Many people believe that the GSD reproductive efficiency is maximum during the period between 2 years to 8 years. The litter size is also in the ideal range, along with the least gestation complications.

First of all, take guidance from your vet by arranging an appointment before breeding your dog. One should consider the worthiness of one’s pet by taking care of her health and making smart plans. A veterinarian will provide you with even good guidance that you still need for your young pet’s health. The proper training must be required for making the pups’ birth process smooth.

At What Age Can a Female Dog No Longer Get Pregnant?

The pregnancy in dogs is closely related to breeding and the female dog’s health condition. Moreover, it also depends upon the size that varies among different breeds. The smaller breeds of dogs like Chihuahua and Yorkshire have a greater life span, thus increasing fertility periods—10 to 12 years. Simultaneously, larger breeds like GSD and Great Dean have smaller life spans than smaller breeds, thus fewer duration of fertility–-6 to 8 years.

Different factors determine the fertile periods for a female dog as well as the male dog. According to studies, dog breeds are differently prone to diseases that notably depend on body size and weight. When the feminine dog gets older, there is decreased reproductive hormone production, leading to follicles’ failure to mature and egg release. The factors that determine the fertility of a female dog are;

  1. General body health
  2. Conception rates
  3. Puppies sizes
  4. Whelping complications
  5. Period of the recovery process

The time period ranging from the first heat to sexual maturity when the dogs are even sexually mature to get pregnant usually starts from 1 year to 2 years. It is the first time when you get your female dog pregnant after mating with a male dog. Pregnancy or gestation in dogs is the time period ranging from conception to the delivery of puppies. When your female dog gets senior, there will be no conception, thus no signs of pregnancy.

When Can a German Shepherd Get Pregnant at 6 Months? 3
Can a German Shepherd Get Pregnant at 6 Months?

What Should I expect From My 6 Month Old German Shepherd?

At the age of six-month-old, the German Shepherds try to become more independent. Even at months of age, German Shepherd dogs attempt to explore new areas and find other ways to engage with the world. A GSD can weigh about 50 pounds or above, which is nearly 75% of an adult dog even at six months. You would be surprised to know their extraordinary power at a younger age.

The destruction to your belongings and common households is an ordinary thing while having a shepherd puppy at your home. They love to chew different things, so make sure they have enough toys to chew, not to your belongings. It is time to consider things for their safety while your puppy wants to roam indoors and outdoor. These must include a collar, a secure leash, and a harness.

At the end of this stage, you must start your pet dog’s training and conduct productive classes to make a good and docile adult companion dog. For this purpose, seek the way towards your vet for further details depending upon your dog’s nature.

How Big are German Shepherd Puppies at 6 Months?

German shepherds have the ability to develop massive body weight even at the age of six months. These attributes are inherited, and they look like an adult at this stage. Many of them undergo a sudden growth spurt at the age of around two to six months. A male German Shepherd gains 53 pounds of body weight, whereas a female German Shepherd gains 46 pounds of weight on average.

At the stage of life, around three to six months which is usually known as the “juvenile period,” a German Shepherd dog’s developmental process begins to slow down, and the growth period starts. It is due to the fulfillment of dog’s need to develop, so they start growing larger. Furthermore, you should take care of your pet dog at this growing phase if you want a healthy and diseased free loyal friend.

What is Best Age to Spay / Neuter a German Shepherd?

Mostly it happens that you decide to neuter your German Shepherd but don’t know the best age to do it. It is quite necessary to know the exact age if you don’t want to hurt your pet dog. So, how do you get to know the right time? Here you will get satisfactory answers, so just read on for getting your answers.

The best age for the GSD to get neutered is when they get sexually mature. For a German shepherd, sexual maturity falls between1.5 to 2 years old. The health of your pet will not be compromised in this case. If you neuter your German Shepherd before they reach one year old, there are a high level of chances of damaging cranial cruciate ligament. The consequences of which may be fatal for dogs.

When Can a German Shepherd Get Pregnant at 6 Months? 4
Can a German Shepherd Get Pregnant at 6 Months?

The time of neutering may differ depending upon the breed type and the physical status of your pet. Neutering is actually the way to avoid pregnancy in pets to reduce the population load. Moreover, it is not a simple decision but has support from American Veterinarian Medical Association.

Dr on German Shepherd Breeding

Overcrowding, mother physical health status, and unable to afford the puppy are the ethical reasons to spay and neuter your dog.

Pros and Cons of Spaying / Neutering a German Shepherd

Neutering/spaying is a common procedure in veterinary practice. Undoubtedly, young male dogs are more prone to develop a testicular infection which may cause complications. If you want to see your pet massive and healthy, there is a choice in the form of neutering. Spaying in female dogs also sure the prevention from several conditions like tumors in mammary glands.

Pros of Neutering/Spaying

  1. A decrement in sex behavior
  2. Less likely to attain aggression
  3. Eliminate chances of testicular cancer
  4. Reduces the prostate disorders
  5. Mitigate the risk of perianal fistula
  6. It may be cost-effective.

Cons of Neutering/Spaying

  1. Higher risk of hemangiosarcoma
  2. More prone to Dementia
  3. Chances of urinary incontinence
  4. Increased chances of hypothyroidism
  5. Complications risk

At What Age Should Dogs Stop Breeding?

For a pet owner, nothing will be as important as the fitness of his/her dog. That’s why one should stop breeding one’s dog when they get 8 years old. Many people lack proper training of breeding from regular breeders for their dog breed. They must take guidelines from experts to ensure the breed efficiency to hold the gestation even when they get old enough.

When the puppies get two to three weeks or a month old, they require extra mother’s attention and lactating milk to ensure proper growth. How can you expect the normal nutritional demand from the mother unable to carry its normal process? Extensive breeding, which may be known as “overbreeding” or “inbreeding,” leads to problems;

When Can a German Shepherd Get Pregnant at 6 Months?