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Can a German Shepherd Impregnate a Chihuahua / Designer Dogs

Can a German Shepherd Impregnate a Chihuahua?

Can a German Shepherd Impregnate a Chihuahua

Can a German Shepherd impregnate a Chihuahua? Are you looking for the answer to something shocking to recall? Here you will get what you want to know about the mix of Chihuahua and German shepherd dogs. Broadly speaking, it is possible to impregnate the feminine Chihuahua with a masculine German shepherd. But there might be the possibility of parturition risk due to the larger puppy than usual.

Characteristics of German Shepherds and Chihuahuas

German shepherds earn their names in athletic and loyalty aspects. In comparison, the Chihuahua is an intelligent and brave tiny companion pet. Isn’t it feverish to know about the German Shepherd Chihuahua mix? —Yes, of course. The fact lies behind the hell difference in the sizes of these two breeds of dog. One of them is quite large, whereas the other one is a tiny small creature.

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Can a German Shepherd Impregnate a Chihuahua?

What would you think about the name of breed results from the cross-breeding of male shepherd and female Chihuahua? It must relate to the mixed traits of the resulting puppy. Unofficially, it might be known as “Shehuahua.” The concept of breeding between these two breeds closely relates to the need for those who are in love with a massive companion dog but can’t afford it due to their small home.

What to Expect From the German Shepherd and Chihuahua Mix?

The German Shepherd Chihuahua mix simultaneously fulfils the requirements of having a dog breed with extraordinary loyalty and intelligence. Furthermore, the mixed breed will get a short hairy coat similar to a shepherd with short eyes and size between the big German Shepherd and small Chihuahua. You don’t need extra care for average-sized hair and aggressive temperament.

The other aspect of cross-breeding between the male German shepherd and the Chihuahua dogs is to increase their disease resistance ability. Moreover, it is evident from the experts in this field that the mixed breed puppy will acquire extra immunity to combat deadly diseases. It is good news for owners looking forward to having this lovely and charming mixed breed.

Can a Big Dog Mate with a Little Dog-Like German Shepherd and Chihuahua?

A big dog like a male German shepherd can mate with a female toy Chihuahua dog much smaller than a male dog. Whereas it is not an as simple process as it seems usually needs expert assistance. Don’t ever allow male German Shepherds to follow the natural mating with a female Chihuahua independently. There are a lot of risks possible in such natural mating.

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Can a German Shepherd Impregnate a Chihuahua?

What Would be the Possible Things to Expect from Mating the German Shepherd with a Chihuahua?

This extraordinary cross-breeding demands owners to be prepared for complicated situations as it is not simple to tie a massive German Shepherd dog with a tiny Chihuahua. Here are some possible requirements for the smooth impregnation and parturition of Chihuahua to get a German Shepherd Chihuahua mix breed.

1-Artificial Insemination

It is a process that involves the transfer of male dog sperms to the female dog reproductive tract by artificial means without natural mating.

Artificial insemination would likely reduce the risk factors, leading to extensive damage and ultimately fatality of a small female dog.

2-Cesarian Section

The planning of mix-breed like German Shepherd Chihuahua mix must cover the aspects from mating till the puppy’s birth and nurturing.

For this purpose, you should get an appointment for C-section with a well-known vet before the time of the parturition to avoid birthing complications.

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Can a German Shepherd Impregnate a Chihuahua?

Things to Pre Check

Firstly, you must ensure a medical check-up of the reproductive organs of both dogs. There are chances of the female splitting of the female dog during mating with a male dog having a big reproductive organ. That’s what it is necessary to call experts in dog breeding during such types of mating. Whenever a male German shepherd dog is bred with a female Chihuahua, take preventive measures.

If you allow these dogs to follow the natural mating process, the chances of getting a female Chihuahua injury or severe damage may increase. The best method to achieve this apparently looking impossible process is by using artificial insemination. Furthermore, the female dog womb or uterus’ size also matters to grow the developing life.

Can a Large Dog Impregnate a Chihuahua?

Keep in mind the basic rule of thumb while thinking about the breeding between the different sizes of dogs which is the compatible size of developing puppy inside the female’s dog uterus. No matter, what would be the size of the male parent dog, the female uterus will only bear the size compatible with its uterus. The larger breeds of dogs can impregnate the female Chihuahua with a little bit of supervision.

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Can a German Shepherd Impregnate a Chihuahua?

How Safe is the Mixed Breed of German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix?

The larger breeds of dogs like the German shepherd can impregnate the much smaller dogs–Chihuahuas. You have to keep the process smooth together with the provision of the best and well-known breeder assistance. To welcome the German Shepherd Chihuahua mix, you must get to know the one way or other to provide the female Chihuahua comforts.

Moreover, the breeding of German shepherd with the female Chihuahua is usually done in normal routine nowadays. It is effective and cheering for those owners living in congested areas but want to enjoy the loyal companion pet’s presence. The temperament of the German shepherd Chihuahua mix is quite impressive due to getting the mixed traits from extraordinary parents.

What Happens if a Small Dog Gets Pregnant by a Big Dog?

You need no to bother while planning for the dogs breeding of different sizes. The only need is to make sure the necessary precautionary measures. Firstly, you need to keep a close eye on both dogs to avoid natural mating independently. Secondly, proper veterinary check-ups should be followed to prevent any intrusion. Large pups in female dogs will make it challenging to go into spontaneous labor and carry out the normal birth process.

Effect of the Numbers of Pups on Delivery

It is always believed that the number of pups in the female dog determines the birth process’s feasibility (parturition). The greater the number of puppies will promise the greater chances of feasible delivery. The fact behind it is that more pups will occupy more room, thus slow the overgrowth. It is always considered prosperous to have several pups in the German Shepherd Chihuahua mix case.

What can you Breed a Chihuahua With?

Chihuahua is well-known for its number of mixed breeds. Moreover, mixed breeds are fascinating and charming than pure breeds, especially related to a Chihuahua. Health conditions are extraordinary in mix breeds. Some of them are discussed below.

Mixed-breeds of Chihuahua

  1. Chihuahua – Miniature schnauzer= Chizer
  2. Chihuahua – French Bulldog= French Bullhuahua
  3. Chihuahua – Papillon= Chion
  4. Chihuahua – Cocker Spaniel= Chipaniel
  5. Chihuahua – Dachshund= Chiweenie
  6. Chihuahua – Beagle= Chibeagle
  7. Chihuahua – Chinese Crested= Chi Chi
  8. Chihuahua – Jack Russel= Jack Chi
  9. Chihuahua – Rat Terrier= Chat Terrier
  10. Chihuahua – Miniature Pinscher= Min Chin

Can a Vet Abort Puppies?

Abortion is something to terminate the pregnancy. In dogs, the mismatching and accidental mating related factors lead to the decision of abortion. Moreover, questions related to the methodology of abortions are common in pet practice. First, you need to sure enough to decide on the termination of pregnancy. Second, the stage of pregnancy matters what type of abortion method would be best for your dogs’ health.

It is simply Yes

The dog’s age also plays a crucial role in deciding whether it is feasible to terminate the pregnancy. Are you worried to know about the answers to queries like can a vet abort puppies? The answers to all these related questions are simple–Yes, but it depends upon the mother’s age and stage of pregnancy.

How to Terminate the Pregnancy in Dogs

One of the simple and best methods might be the injections of Prostaglandin for four days. It mixes with blood and thus likely to terminate the progesterone hormone secretions and end the pregnancy with 80% effect.

Possible Complications of Large Male Dog Breeding with Small dogs

You must take into consideration the complications while planning for the different sizes of dogs breeding. The health of both mother and puppy may be likely to get compromised during the whole protocol. In some cases, there could be a chance of death for the puppies and the mother. It takes years to nurture your furry fellow, so provide the right care.

Possible Complications

Complications could be from the start of mating right during mating, together with the loss of loyal lives. First, you must know to have guidance from your vet to avoid any health-related hazards. Your actions reflect your personality, so always take all the possible risk factors into account before doing a happy life. These complications are;

  1. Inappropriate mounting
  2. Difficulty in penetration
  3. Splitting of vagina
  4. Crushing of small toy during the lock
  5. Difficulty in holding the large puppy in the uterus
  6. Difficulty in normal delivery

These complications mentioned above could result from the negligence of the owners. Try to adopt necessary preventive measures to avoid the health-related factors for dogs family. You should find one way or other to make a happy family for your dogs.

Final Thoughts

Chihuahuas and German Shepherd mating is not odd as it is now seen everywhere globally. The mix breed results from this cross have the mixture of these two parent breeds. Such type of different sized mating demands supervision highly all over the process. You must seek guidance from the regular breeders to avoid complications.