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Why Does My Chihuahua Snort Like a Pig?

Why Does My Chihuahua Snort Like a Pig_

As a General Rule Chihuahuas snort for the following reasons Eating and drinking too fast, pollen allergies, Pulling on a training leash, nasal mites, and possibly polyps in their nasal cavities. Likewise, the other situations may add a little more to it, like tracheal collapse and nasal polyps, which would make the typical snorting sound quacks like a duck

Why Does My Chihuahua Snort Like a Pig?

  • Eating and drinking at once without any pause
  • Over-excited dog due to getting treats and joyful playing
  • Sensitivity to pollen or dust leads to cause allergic reactions
  • Tightening of the collar and pulling leash harshly
  • Usage of irritant chemicals at home for cleaning
  • Presence of polyps (sacks filled with blood) in their nose or throat
  • Formation of abnormal soft palate tissue
  • Infestation with nasal mites

Why does my chihuahua snort like a pig? Chihuahua is among the lovely breeds of dogs with a short body physique with a beautifully smooth, hairy coat. Most of the time, chihuahua parents find it scary to see their four legs, furry companions experiencing reverse sneezing.

It is not like something new thing for this mini creature. But sometimes, Chihuahua dogs may experience some different patterns of inhaling discussed later.

It is common to experience the snorting sounds in pigs, but certain breeds of dogs, including the chihuahua, may also make sudden sounds. These snorting sound attributes to reverse sneezing, which means these dogs inhale their sneeze back. Moreover, the typical wheezing episodes are common in chihuahua, followed by a struggle to breathe.

Why Does My Dog Snort Like He Can’t Breathe?

The snorting sounds in dogs with short nasal passages and broad skulls are common. The wheezing episode may be due to a nasal or tracheal polyp in dogs that block the nasal passage and hinder the normal inhalation and exhalation. Furthermore, the presence of some nasal mites in the dog may lead to damage to the nasal walls, thus reversing sneeze.

Broadly speaking, your chihuahua dog would experience it whatever you do to avoid it. The main reason is the morphology of its respiratory passage. Besides, the presence of some allergens in surroundings leads to infections of the nasal mucosa (lining epithelium) in your dog. It is also evident in brachycephalic breeds of dogs like;

  • Pekingese
  • Bulldog
  • Pug
  • Shih Tzu

It sometimes happens that when your chihuahua dog experiences reverse sneezing, there might be the possibility of gasping as if struggling to normalize its breathing pattern. This situation may prevail for 20 to 30 seconds. If the situation gets worse, it is wise to call your vet to handle the situation.

Why Does My Chihuahua Snort Like a Pig? 1
Why Does My Chihuahua Snort Like a Pig_

Why Does My Chihuahua Snort so Much?

The main reason for snorting for this breed of dog is the misalignment of the soft palate. Whenever it experiences some irritations, it triggers the snorting sound that could lead to a reverse sneeze.

This phenomenon is just like defensive or protective for your dog. You must know that just like the pig, chihuahua also develops this snorting breathing pattern with time. For a boxer, it is a routine mechanism that lasts for years, just like a pig. But for the chihuahua, it may be due to the body protective mechanism that often wants to expel the allergens.

Your vet can quickly diagnose whatever your dog is struggling with. So, try to be patient when your pet dog encounters such an episode. It usually happens at the time of a little shock that your dog may get due to something like stress. These noises could be a source of annoyance for some owners; that’s why they try to call their pet vet.

Besides, one seems to the snorting sounds from the small nostrils due to some blockage. That’s why they try to remove it from the passage on their own without taking guidance from the veterinarian. In this way, they may harm their dog, thus worsening the situation.

How one can assume to harm its love by making some silly decisions. It is better to search for a veterinarian. They know better how to find the better way out.

Why Does My Chihuahua Snort Like a Pig? 2
Why Does My Chihuahua Snort Like a Pig_

Why Does My Chihuahua Sound Like a Duck During Reverse Sneezing?

In certain situations, the chihuahua dog makes odd sounds and quacks that something wrong happens to it. Besides, this might be due to some genuine causes that you need to eliminate as soon as possible by your vet. It could be from choking by some odd things in the throat or air passage. In addition to it, the displacement of the soft palate adds to it. It is always recommended to timely check the behavior of your dog even during nighttime.

Likewise, the other situations may add a little more to it, like tracheal collapse and nasal polyps, which would make the typical snorting sound quacks like a duck. The wheezing sound seems a little bit different from it. The dogs like chihuahua sneeze in a different manner, which usually causes reverse sneezing. This situation may be due to the dog’s respiratory condition. Moreover, it is necessary to maintain suitable environmental conditions to avoid these fluctuations that might prevail sometimes.

What is Reverse Sneezing in Chihuahuas?

The dog breeds like chihuahua often experience the condition in which, during snoring, the dog usually starts wheezing, also known as reverse sneezing. This condition lasts for only a few seconds but may lead to temporary suffocation that may get fatal sometimes.

Furthermore, the nasal passages of these dogs also cause them to inhale their sneeze in the reverse direction. The chihuahua dog reverse sneeze is common to see from old times. This might be due to the presence of nasal mites in nasal passages that destroy the inside linings of the nose.

The nasal mites may cause the dog’s nose to meet the secondary bacterial infections that would lead to rhinitis. After which, the dog may feel discomfort, and the noises become even worse. You can help your dog in this regard by proper grooming and check-up by the vet to avoid such situations.

The wheezing episode can be minimized by adequately caring for your dog. The reverse sneezing might be due to the soft palate’s misalignment, which is technically known as pharyngeal spasm.

The chihuahua often makes a snorting sound like a pig, but sometimes it started gasping for air, thus hyperventilate. More ventilation from the nose and throat leads to the odd sounds that the dog’s owner or vet needs to stop. There are specific reasons for reverse sneezing like;

  • Eating and drinking at once without any pause can initiate this
  • Over-excited dog due to getting treats and joyful playing, so excited he gags
  • Sensitivity to pollen or dust leads to cause allergic reactions, especially during high pollen season
  • Tightening of the collar and pulling leash harshly, cuts off their air supply
  • Usage of irritant chemicals at home for cleaning, flea tick sprays, irritant shampoos
  • Presence of polyps (sacks filled with blood) in their nose or throat
  • Formation of abnormal soft palate tissue
  • Infestation with nasal mites,which grow and multiply
Why Does My Chihuahua Snort Like a Pig? 3
chihuahua snorts breathing

Why Does My Chihuahua Hyperventilate by Nasal Passages?

Dogs manifest hyperventilation by rapid and shallow breathing. During normal breathing, the oxygenated blood becomes available to all parts of the body equally. But during hyperventilation, the body cannot get an adequate amount of oxygen, thus resulting in difficult breathing signs. Your chihuahua may exhibit specific symptoms during hyperventilation.

Symptoms of Hyperventilation

  • Open-mouth or heavy breathing
  • Blue gums
  • General weakness
  • Fainting or collapsing
  • Wheezing or snorting
  • Increased heart rate
  • Excessive drooling and panting

Moreover, if this condition is left untreated, there are chances of getting heart failure or other body’s organ systems imparity. The best and first option, in this case, is to call your vet as soon as possible to save your chihuahua’s life.

Causes of Hyperventilation

Hyperventilation usually prevails due to excessive heat production and in the body of the dog. The chihuahua breed has a long hairy coat, which doesn’t allow enough heat loss from the body. Moreover, there is the need to increase air ventilation to stop the excessive heat from damaging a dog’s body metabolism. That’s why; rapid ventilation of air is the first thing that a dog will exhibit during excessive heat production. The main causes are;

  • Heat-related problems or overheating
  • Anxiety, stress, or pain
  • Reverse sneezing
  • Allergic reactions
  • Metabolic Acidosis
  • Respiratory impairment

You should take care of your dog by routinely checking it up to stop these conditions that could cause serious problems. Besides, you must know how you could help your dog remain healthy and free of illnesses. The extension of the neck by your pet dog is the other sign to struggle to breathe during hyperventilation. Undoubtedly, you take years to completely learn all the answers related to a dog’s good health, but if you are excited, you much need it.

Why do Chihuahuas Make Weird Breathing Noises due to the Misalignment of the Soft Palate?

The weird ventilation sounds like snort and wheeze by chihuahua are really normal things. Whereas, in certain situations, the presence of some foreign material in nasal passages leads to abnormal snorting sounds.

In old age, these snorting noises may worsen due to ventilation in the presence of some respiratory diseases. Sometimes, these noises follow the abnormal growths in airways that help diagnose the disease in the early stages.

Chihuahua Collapsed Trachea Sound

Tracheal diseases are also common in dogs like chihuahua. Generally, during a certain period of age, the cartilage rings of the windpipe become weak, thus leading to tracheal collapse. The main reason for this is the presence of congenital disease in the genetics of certain breeds. This situation may prevail during the night while the dog is sleeping.

The abnormal noises and the difficulty in proper ventilation are the main symptoms of this condition. The excited dog that has weak tracheal cartilage is likely to meet such an incident.

Why Does My Chihuahua Snort Like a Pig? 4
chihuahua snorts like a pig

Chihuahua Reverse Sneezing vs. the Collapsed Trachea

Chihuahua is most prone to respiratory conditions like reverse sneezing and tracheal collapse. These two situations differ from each other in certain aspects.

The reverse sneezing is the general and common physical condition that your pet repeatedly needs during the whole day, no matter he or she has some disease or not. On the contrary, the tracheal collapse imposes due to some congenital diseases in dogs. Thus it is not an ordinary thing for your dog.

my chihuahua snorts a lot

Final Thoughts – Why Does my Chihuahua Snort

The snorting by chihuahua is the normal process, broadly speaking, whereas tracheal collapse is not an ordinary process but a diseased condition. You need no worry about these snorting sounds; call your vet for further satisfaction and if the situation worsens.