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Why Do Poodle’s Ears Stink?

Why Do Poodle's Ears Stink?

Why do Poodle’s Ears Stink?

Why do poodle’s ears stink? Some dog breeds, like a poodle, have abundant hair all over the dog but especially inside of the ear or at the base of the ear. This hair at the base of the ear leads to bacterial infection and yeast infection. It is uncommon for the poodle to develop ear problems because of extensive hairs that lead to infections.

These infections develop ear smell as well as the wax buildup. Therefore, keeping a poodle can also mean providing a home to bacteria and yeast. Poodles require ear cleaning and grooming to wipe out the debris and keep the ears infection-free and odorless. Here! This article will educate you on healthy tips, treatment and grooming methods , and cleaning solutions to keep your poodle’s health up to the mark.

How Do I Get Rid of the Smell?

The scent in a dog’s ears is an indication of an ear infection. The ear canal, when it gets moisturized and wax buildup there, your dog’s ears become the optimal place for the yeast and bacteria to cause infections. The first and foremost step to get your dog’s ear infection free is to keep the ears clean and dry.

Why Do Poodle's Ears Stink? 1
Why Do Poodle’s Ears Stink?

Keeping the ear canal clean and dry and hair at the base of the ear trimmed will make to get rid of the smell in your poodle’s ears. You may notice your dog’s hair grow too much and gets dirt; This is the time to pay a visit to your vet to have a diagnosis of any infection developing in the ear. Your vet provides you with the solution and treatment to the developing infection. Yeast infections commonly develop in the ears of poodles and are the main factor of ears smell.

What Does It Mean When Ears Smell Bad?

It smells bad when the ear canal develops bacterial and yeast infection. Whenever your poodle’s ears smell bad, it indicates that you need an ear cleaner to get rid of wax buildup. Ear cleaning removes the dog’s ear wax from the ear canal and prevents him from other opportunistic ear infections. Ear cleaning can be done by yourself (if you are well aware of the procedure) or get it done from a nearby veterinary services center.

Dog’s ears need regular cleaning, and they must be kept dry because these two factors, cleanliness and dryness, make your dog’s ears free from infections. Mainly there are three factors of smelly ears, bacterial, yeast, and ear wax. So, whenever you sense a bad smell in the ears of a poodle, their ear canal must be the habitat of one of these three factors.

How Do You Treat Smelly Ear Wax?

The first step you should take is to call your vet to properly diagnose the body, especially the ears. Your vet will suggest you the treatment and cleaning regime and discuss and relate the infection’s signs and symptoms.

Bacteria and yeast develop in the ears full of hairs. Hairs provide the optimal environment for debris and moisture, which causes poodles a lot of problems. Cleaning solution removes all the extra wax and bad smell coming out because of yeast infections. Treatment prescription must include antifungal drops and ear cleaner, which at the same time cures and control the issue.

Do Mites Smell in Dog’s Ears?

Poodles are often affected by mites that produce pungent odor and health complications. The ear canal and ear lobe of the poodle harbor the mites; they suck blood to make the dog weak. You should pay a visit to the vet to wipe out the mites and clean the ears. You can use ear cleaner solutions in small amounts to clean the ear and make them odor-free.

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Why Do Poodle’s Ears Stink?

Actually, mites suck the blood from the ears, and lesions develop. Purification of these lesions produces odor. Sometimes odor from paws confuses with odor from ears. Dog owners should keep the dog disinfected and clean of pathogens like mites. Later in this article, I will provide the solution to get rid of ear mites.

What Does Dog Ear Infection Smell like?

Your dog may scent funny like Frito corn chip if you like and tasted these chips. But it is a matter of observation, and some dog owners say that these yeast infections of dog may scent fruity essence. Smelly ears give the signs of yeast infections in the ear canal which must be properly diagnosed and treated by your veterinarian.

Smelly ears are one of the pathognomic symptoms of ear infections. These infections usually occur in the middle ear or the ear canal. Inflammation in the ear canal usually causes discharge which develops the scent. Vinegar solutions are used to clean the discharge and clean the dirt. A small amount of vinegar helps in eradicating the scent.

Poodle Ear Hair Plucking

Poodles have a bunch of hairs on the head and all over the body. Hairs also grow around the hairs and at the base of the ear. These hairs need to be plucked. You should apply ear powder to make hairs cluster so that you can easily pluck them. If a small amount of hair powder is not efficient, use more. A hair plucking tool like a hemostat is beneficial to use. You should pluck the hairs from all around the ear and make sure that you pluck all the hairs blocking the ear canal.

How Do I Clean My Poodle’s Ear Canal?

Well! Because you have a poodle in your home, you need to take care of his ears to prevent infections. You can do the cleaning once or twice a week to remove the excess wax buildup and remove the pathogens. What you need before starting the cleaning is a cotton ball, an ear cleaner, and some treatment to make your dog comfortable.

Make sure cotton is sterilized. in the next step, you or your veterinarian will put a bit of ear cleaner inside the ear canal and massage the ear for a few seconds to a minute. You should use a cotton ball to do cleaning inside the ear to remove the excess wax and the cleaner. Waste the cotton ball in the waste bin. You should not procrastinate for weeks to do cleaning as it can be harmful.

Why Do Poodle's Ears Stink? 3
Why Do Poodle’s Ears Stink?

How Often Should You Bathe a Poodle?

Alright! Bathing a poodle is necessary to have a reset of the skin and hairs. You should give a bath to your dog every three weeks to remove any debris. The veterinarian does not recommend it every week bathing as it is damaging for the skin coat.

Health Problems Causing Smelly Ears

Ear scent does not represent a systemic health problem. Usually, they represent local dog problems such as allergies and infections. Most commonly, veterinarians describe parasitic infections of mites, bacterial infections and allergies, causing the ear scent. Due to inflammation, fluid discharge occurs inside the ear that could be the culprit.

How Can You Treat an Ear Infection?

The treatment of the ear problem lies in the cause, and the line of treatment that a veterinarian follows depends on the diagnosis. If excessive wax is causing the problem, he will remove it. If bacterial or fungal infection is responsible, he will treat the infection to keep the ears clean to prevent further infections.

How Fast is the Recovery of Ear Infections?

The recovery of ear infection in dogs is good if in-time diagnosis and proper treatment are followed. infection of hair becomes bad with the passage of time as pathogens tend to grow more and more and disturb the body.

Advice from a Veterinarian for Dog’s Ears

Veterinarians are the best friends of you as well as your pet. I asked a veterinarian to give his honest advice to those who have a poodle as a pet. Here is what he says, ” thank you for asking. Infections of the ears are very painful and require extensive care and specific medications. it would be best for your pet to pay a regular visit to a vet and have the pet thoroughly diagnosed, tested and treated.”

Why Do Poodle's Ears Stink? 4
Why Do Poodle’s Ears Stink?

Final Thoughts

I know how hard it is to have your poodle get hurt by these ear diseases. I have kept a poodle for more than two years, and I can tell everything a pet keeper faces to keep his pet healthy and active. I agree with the veterinarian’s advice that you should take your pet to a vet regularly to have him tested and treated.

The vet also advises some household remedies to prevent your pet from these issues. These tips include proper grooming and regular cleaning to remove any debris and keep the body well. Your dog loves you more when you take good care of him. the touch of your hand gives him the feeling of comfort and love. Every pet parent knows that dogs are faithful animals. They become more faithful when they live a healthy life. You must have knowledge of common problems they face. And you must do whatever you can for them. Most of all, it is your attention to your dog.