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French Bulldog Tongue Out?

Why do Bulldogs Keep their Tongues Out?

French Bulldog Tongue Out?

Why do Bulldogs keep their Tongues Out? English Bulldogs belong to the brachycephalic breed of dog. The short facial anatomical features make them have difficult breathing patterns. Moreover, they have a long tongue compared to their mouth, which may be the reason for their habit of sticking out their tongue.

Are you worried about your Bulldog’s tongue hanging pattern and frequency? Here you will find the satisfactory answer–Keep calm.

Dogs usually show panting behavior just like other mammals. This mechanism is exhibited by having a typical mouth posture in which the tongue hangs. Dogs are well known for panting. That’s the reason you mostly see your pet dog stick his tongue out.

Panting makes the dogs cool down their body temperature and brings it to be normal. You will better know the other conditions later. French Bulldog Tongue Out?

Why is my dog’s tongue hanging out?

Dog’s tongue does magical things for it that help maintains good health. In addition to eating and drinking, the dog’s tongue also provides a cooling mechanism. That’s why it is necessary to take care of abnormal behavior by your pet dog. For this purpose, you should call a veterinarian to get updates immediately after observing the abnormal tongue protruding.

Certain reasons will lead to your dog’s tongue hanging out. Some of them need immediate veterinary check-ups, while in other cases, you need not worry. In general, the following are the conditions that will let English Bulldog hangs its tongue out.

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why does my frenchies tongue stick out

Hanging Tongue Syndrome

The name indicates the condition in dogs where the tongue hangs out of the Bulldog’s mouth. Such cases don’t need any trouble for dog pet owners. Brachycephalic breeds of dogs, particularly Bulldog and Pug mostly prone to such conditions. Their small oral cavity cannot fit the large tongue; thus, the tongue keeps on hanging.

Moreover, in some cases, the abnormality in the jaw bone does not provide proper support to the Bulldog’s tongue. In other cases, the overbite and underbite may lead to hanging tongue syndrome. Besides, teeth rotting may happen in severe dental diseases that lead to the extraction of diseased teeth the tongue pops out.

Administration of New Medication

Dogs are in the habit of hanging their tongue out whenever they get new medication orally. This condition is the clear symptom of having the administration of some wrong medicines or dose rate etc. Such cases must need proper veterinary check-ups to avoid serious health issues. The vet will better understand the condition that causes such complications.


Pant is the same mechanism used by dogs as sweat to humans. Especially in hot summers, when excessive heat production in bulldog happens, it moves towards eliminating the excessive heat by opening the mouth and increasing the breathing pattern to cool down the body.

There might be mouth cancer or some severe inflammation that causes the tongue to hangs.

You need to seek advice from a vet to diagnose the condition properly whenever you observe abnormal symptoms.

Relaxed state

The good news for dog owners is that tongue hanging is not always show some problematic condition. Sometimes, when dogs are in a different relaxed state, they tend to hang their tongue to relax their glossal muscles. If you ever see your dog having its favorite food fully and playing to its heart with its tongue hanging out, it could mean he is in a healthy state, so don’t worry.

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why do frenchies stick their tongue out

Why do English Bulldogs Sleep with the Tip of their Tongue Sticking Out?

Have you ever observed your bulldog sleeping with tongue hanging out? Do you ever get worried about why he is behaving like this? Either it is normal or not?–If yes, we are here to guide you much more about it to provide the answer to all these questions.

Firstly, you don’t have to fear it because it is natural in many Bulldogs to sleep with their tongues sticking out just for the sake of cooling mechanism. As we all know, bulldogs’ tongues have an extensive blood supply, so when the tongue gets in contact with the air, evaporation occurs and causes the body to cool down.

Some dogs stick their tongues out and pull them back in immediately. There may be certain reasons for it. These variations depend upon the type of breeds as well as environmental conditions imposing on them.

Unless there is no injury or infection of the or mouth present, worry not and enjoy the company of your English Bulldog.

Why Does English Bulldog Sleep on their Back?

Bulldogs sleep on their back for a purpose related to cool down body temperature, especially in hot. As it is obvious, the downside of the belly bears the least amount of fur.

It provides an easy way to exchange heat when they feel hot during sleep. This may happen to expose the maximum fragile area along with paws that could help them heat exchange.

The main drawback of this sleeping posture is the complete exposure of vital organs at the risk of getting harmed. If you have kids at home, don’t let your dog sleep freely without surveillance.

Why does my French Bulldog Sleep with his Tongue Out?

French Bulldogs, just like other dogs, tends to stick their tongue out while sleeping. There could be different reasons for exhibiting such symptoms, like having spicy food, treatment with a new medication, hanging tongue syndrome, and mouth-related inflammation. The inflammation might result from the trauma of the buccal cavity.

In such a case, the dog feels pain due to swollen mucosal linings. The swelling may result from secondary bacterial infection after trauma or imperfect oral surgery.

In all such cases, dogs’ tongues hang out. Moreover, your cute and lovely short dog may search for one way or another to get rid of this pain. That’s why he tries to expose his tongue to the owner.

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french bulldogs with underbites

Why Does my dog keep Sticking his Tongue like a Lizard?

Some pet dog owners complain about having their dog sticking his tongue like a lizard. This may result from several dental diseases like;

  • Stomatitis in dogs results from the inflammation of the oral cavity
  • Glossitis in English Bulldog is the inflammation of the tongue
  • Gingivitis in bulldogs results from the inflammation of the gum
  • Cheilitis in dogs is the inflammation of the lips.

There are chances of other types of inflammation in bulldogs that cause the sticking of the tongues. These may result from;

  1. Viral and bacterial infections
  2. Diseases result from metabolic disorders
  3. Immune diseases
  4. Ingestion of foreign bodies
  5. Exposure to toxins and poisons
  6. Nutritional disorders

Why Does my English Bulldog keep Sticking his Tongue out and Swallowing?

English Bulldog keeps on licking and swallowing, which may indicate a serious health problem. Along with sticking out the tongue and swallowing can be some medical abnormality symptoms like neurological abnormality or abnormal behavior. The underbite and overbite may lead to hanging tongue syndrome; that’s why make a habit of visiting your vet regularly.

Moreover, tongue sticking and swallowing can be exhibited by a dog as a communication tool and breathing. Whereas it may be due to certain reasons related to different breeds, according to some posts. The medical disorders include;

  1. Nausea
  2. Unpleasant tastes
  3. Oral ulcers
  4. Bites
  5. Teeth diseases
  6. Foreign body
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frenchie tongue always out

Should you let your French Bulldog Sleep with You?

Dog owners need to train their puppies to sleep separately in a special dog house at an early age. When the French Bulldog gets on years, his body becomes stout and massive that may cause trouble for you.

The aggressive behavior of dogs is unexpected. That’s why you need to crate train your dog timely to avoid consequences.

According to researches, women in the USA can better sleep by sharing their bed with a companion dog. That’s why it is all up to one choice either he/she loves to sleep with a dog or not, but precautionary measures should be taken in case of aggressive behavior constantly.

What is Hanging Tongue Syndrome?

Dogs are in the habit to expose their tongue to let you know the excitement, to recover from physical exercise, and to cool down their body temperature. A dog owner’s life is full of surprises that make him feel anxious about little things like frostbite.

Moreover, in certain cases, the dogs lose their tongues control fully or partially. This condition results in tongue hang which is called hanging tongue syndrome.

Condition like hanging tongue syndrome in dogs may prevail due to bleeding after severe buccal cavity trauma. The bleeding leads to a loss of soft muscle control; thus, neurological control is also lost.

The animal might face physical buccal abnormality completely at an early age due to congenital issues. So try to make a quick visit to your vet in such cases.

Final Thoughts – French Bulldog Tongue Out?

In English Bulldogs, hanging of the tongue is not an unusual thing. There might be certain cases in which some external traumas and medical abnormality lead to sticking out of the tongue. Dogs normally show increased breathing patterns by opening their mouths and hanging tongues immediately after exercise or in warm weather.

That’s why firstly, you need to make the right diagnosis to understand the situation and then move forwards with its treatment by your vet .