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Why Bichon Frise eat their Poop? 24 Suggestions

Bichon Frise Eating Poop

There are a lot of bad habits Bichon Frise dogs do exhibit. And one such habit is how they tend to eat poop. And just like every other habit, if you don’t try to stop it, it won’t- be going anytime sooner. It is technically called Coprohagia.

Dr Views on Dogs Eating Their own Poop

So today, we are going to be looking at why Bichon Frise dogs eat their own poop, and how you can stop them from doing so.

There are three Main Reasons that Dogs eat their poop or other Animals.

  • One is they are struggling with Dietary Deficiencies, they are lacking in their current diet the number of nutrients that they are needing
  • Second – it is Behavioral problems – as a pup, they have learned this trait from other dogs
  • Third – Their own poop, cat stool, or possibly Deer poop just smells and taste good

Why is my Bichon eating its Stool

There are many things that we don’t know about Bichon Frise dogs. Day in day out, we tend to try and figure out how they think, and how those work in general. 

But, there are a few things that we know and some that we are just guessing.  And one of them is why is it that they eat poop?

One of the reasons for that is because, they’re lacking some nutrition, and are trying to replenish an enzyme that is missing in their diet. So they would eat poop hoping that those enzymes are going to help them with digestion.

First – We would always begin here . If your pet is lacking in Nutrition – training him not to eat poop is not working on the root of the problem. You might succeed in training him not to eat poop, but he is still being starved of Nutrition from some other avenue.

And also there is another reason why Bichon Frise dogs eat their poop and that’s actually because it tastes good. Their own stool, or another’s, might smell good. It could be from a Digestive problem of the poop’s previous owner. A lot of Nutrients not being absorbed simply Pass through the animal’s digestive tract.

Some Bichon Frise dogs when they poop, they don’t digest their food completely, so that’s why they tend to eat their own poop, and that’s why it tastes good to them. It still has some of the Nutrients that they are lacking so it tastes good to them. because of it not being digested In our dogs, we always paid close attention to how well they were digesting their food. We would watch

  • Size of their stool – we wanted it to be a small as possible
  • Not Runny – diarrhea
  • Watching for worm eggs
  • If we noticed them eating their own stool – we immediately went to see why they were not digesting their food
  • Check Dog Food – Nutrient Content – Any recalls
  • Dog Foods are highly developed today – extremely fortified with nutrients and vitamins. – That is why today there are fewer diseases – many that stem from Nutrient Deficiencies
  • If it is their own stool they are eating – not being completely digested
  • We had a problem with our dogs going after our cat’s stool – cats were being fed canned meats – very flavorful –
  • The eating stool is not normal – so we would start looking for nutrient deficiencies
  • Experiment with other Quality dog foods to see if the problem disappears
  • We fed our dogs table scraps as a treat – but not as a diet item – because dog food today is formulated to have very high nutrients
  • We avoided any Fillers or Bi products in dog foods. – we read every label and if it contained bi-products or fillers – we did not use it
  • Fillers can be bones, beaks,feathers,hide,horns,pulverized fillers, and Unnatural fillers.
  • We consistently fed our dogs a very High-Quality dog food
  • This resulted in Healthier Dogs, Smaller stool, Many of the sensitivities found in Bichons disappeared just by the quality of dog foods we fed them.
  • Parasites – can cause nutritional Deficiencies due to infestation
  • Also Disease – Diabetes and Cushings Disease

Solutions for Poop Eating

Feces eating or coprophagia is considered to be a problem in Bichon Frise dogs, and all dog breeds. Being lapdogs they are especially close to us, licking our faces. The thing is, Many dogs including Bichon Frise dogs regularly eat poop, and they like to chew anything. The problem is if this becomes an established habit. So, what can you do?

Behavior Change

  • Clean Stool from his roaming area –
  • If on Leash – restrain him from the activity
  • Give him treatsreward his refraining from eating it – to reinforce good behavior
  • Altering the flavor can help. Stool in the backyard or your Bichon Frise’s litter box can be spiced with Tabasco sauce or cayenne pepper. This way, when they taste it, it is going to make them hate coming back because of the peppers and nasty taste it will have.
Behavior Why Dogs Eating Poop


  • Have his stool analyzed
  • Analyzes and experiment with his diet – monitor change
  • Limit amount of table scraps
  • Worm the Pet – then clean up a stool so no transmission of Worm Eggs
  • Sprinkle the dog’s food lightly with Powdered Garlic – it is extremely healthy for the dogs – might help with the desire to re-eat ( garlic is Natures strongest natural Antibiotic, Fleas, Worms, Dicks, and misquotes hate it.
  • Add canned pumpkin to his food – taste good going down, very bad when eaten in stool
  • chunks of Fresh Pineapple also work well

I suggest first trying a quality premium Bichon Frise dog food. it’s believed that a diet rich in fat, high in protein, along with moderate fiber and low carbohydrates, may reduce the tendency of your Bichon Frise dogs eating their own poop.

Natural Ways to Stop your Dog from Eating Their Stool

 More on making it Taste Bad

Altering the flavor can help. Stool in the backyard or your Bichon Frise’s litter box can be spiced with Lemon Juice, Tabasco sauce or cayenne pepper. This way, when they taste it, it is going to make them hate coming back because of the peppers, hot, and nasty taste it will have. Try altering it going in – sprinkle on their food – sprinkle on a stool in the back yard for training. You can also mix it in a solution and spray it on the stool.

Meat Tenderizers are very Effective

  • Meat tenderizers can be added to your dog’s food this will help with digestion and make a stool taste horrible.
  • Adolphs Tenderizer works great. It Contains Bromelain and animals hate it. Once it comes back out. – To Use Lightly sprinkle it on their food.
  • The Product – Forbid – is another option is to purchase a product from your local veterinarian by feeding it your dog will find ways to taste that he’ll hate
  • I would also have discussions with your Local vet. he can help you with analyzing the dog’s stool. They may be medical problems he is suffering from that is initiating the behavior.
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