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How Long are Dachshunds Pregnant for? “Complications Explained”

How Long is a Dachshund Pregnant for?

A Dachshund is pregnant for 63 days, from the time she is bred extra care, extra food, extra vitamins or supplements should be given. At 58 days you should have whelping box and location prepared

How Long are Dachshunds Pregnant

OHHH My doxie got caught —NOW WHAT?

Your pet Dachshund is pregnant – how do I know when to expect puppies ?

We give you timetables and also Simple Actions if Complications Arise

You will have Adorable additions to your family. How Long are Dachshunds Pregnant

Dachshund pregnancies usually last for around 63 days but can range anywhere from 58-70 days. If you are the owner of a Dachshund and are expecting, it is important to be aware of the signs of labor so that you can prepare yourself and your dog for the big day! In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about Dachshund pregnancies and births. Stay tuned!

How Long are Dachshunds Pregnant for? "Complications Explained" 1

Dachshunds are Pregnant for about 12 weeks.

Dachshunds are expecting puppies for about 12 weeks, give or take a week. Most dachshund pregnancies last around 63 days, but some can go as long as 70 days. So if you’re wondering when your wiener dog is going to have her babies, just subtract 63 from the number of days since she was bred and that’s when they’ll likely arrive!

Sometimes a Dachshund will be carrying puppies from several matings at the same time and will give birth to them all at once. This is called “litters”. Litters can range in size from one pup to as many as twelve! How Long is a Dachshund Pregnant for?

To make this easier to understand your Doxie is bred on

Monday, she is then again bred on Friday. She will be caring for two sets of puppies growing in her womb at different times. They will all be born at the same time. Many times that is the reason puppies are born of different sizes in the same litter.

The puppies are born very small, weighing only about two ounces each, but they grow quickly. By six weeks old they will be eating solid food and by eight weeks they will be ready to go to their new homes.

The Average Dachshund litter size is 6 puppies!

The mother will give birth all at the same time, labor can last up to 12 hours. The puppies will be born with their eyes closed and they won’t start opening them until around day seven. They are completely dependent on their mother for the first few weeks of their life, so it’s important that she is able to take care of them properly.

The average dachshund litter size is six puppies, though some may have as many as twelve or more. Dachshunds typically have one litter per year. The puppies will be weaned from their mother at around eight weeks old and can then be adopted by new families.

What are the Symptoms of Dachshund Labor Complications?

Most all deliveries are problem-free, but it is wise to keep an eye on the female in case she runs into difficulty. Here are some things to keep an eye open for from our experience:

  • Generally, the female stops eating 24 hours in advance of Delivery – Watch for this sign make sure you have her whelping box set up
  • Labor starts and she cannot give birth – we always marked on our calendars the date they were bred. Then we marked 62 days later ( we had one female that did not give birth – finally we took her to vet and she had c-section, all puppies were dead but we saved the mother.
  • Labor never starts – see above
  • Puppy gets stuck coming out – This happens a lot with smaller dogs – we ended up gently pulling puppy out ( have to be so gentle not to hurt puppy)
  • Female becomes exhausted and cannot complete delivery – Many times they will rest and start within next couple of hours – might have to have c section
  • Puppies stillborn – not breathing – This is common We gently turned puppy upside down and swung it back and forth – to get out an7y fluid in nostrils and lungs – then gently gave it mouth to mouth to get it breathing – saved many puppies that way.
  • Puppies do not suck – check for cleft palate. It’s a birth defect puppy will starve. ( opens the puppies mouth and look for a hole from mouth to nostrils that is a cleft palet There is a tube feeding method but has to be done with great care
  • Mother gets scared – Noise – visitors – other dogs we put our mothers in an 85 Degree room, many times a closet, and left them by themselves checking on them every 15 minutes or so.
  • Mother eats puppy – If the puppy is born dead the mother’s instinct for survival is to eat it. We watched closely if she gave birth to a dead puppy we removed it so she would not worry over it and focus on the live ones
  • Mother cannot get sac off of puppy – might need to assist if she cant so the little guy can breath

Those are the major ones we have experienced.

Female dachshunds can get pregnant when they are as young as 4 months old.

It is important to be aware that dachshunds can get pregnant at a very young age, and it is crucial to keep track of their reproductive health. Female dachshunds should not have puppies until they are at least six months old, and preferably older.

If you think your dachshund may be pregnant, take her to the vet as soon as possible for confirmation and advice on what to do next. Early pregnancy in dachshunds can sometimes lead to difficult births, so it is best to seek help from a professional if this occurs.

We always watched for her first period and then kept her from being bred until she was around 12 months old. We wanted their female organs to be fully developed. Males, we allowed them to breed around 6 months

How Long are Dachshunds Pregnant for? "Complications Explained" 2

Male dachshunds can impregnate female dogs until they’re around 10 years old.

Male dachshunds can impregnate female dogs until they’re around ten years old. This is due to the fact that dachshunds have a long reproductive life span. Some male dachshunds can even father puppies until they’re twelve years old! So, if you’re thinking about getting a dachshund , be prepared for many years of adorable little 

Final Thoughts – How Long are Dachshunds Pregnant

In summary – Dachshunds are pregnant for 63 Days, then the female will give birth.

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