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Do American Eskimo Dogs Smell?

Do American Eskimo Dogs Smell?

Do American Eskimo Dogs Smell?

Do American Eskimo dogs smell? The American Eskimo dog is one of the most intelligent dog breeds with problem-solving ability and excellent learning capability. You can spend a fantastic time with your American Eskimo dog if you know his physical and psychological needs. American Eskimo dogs can get bored quickly if they don’t find anything interesting that satiates their intellect, energy, and food requirements. Well! as they play with their full potential and energy, their puppies give you a lot of entertainment. American eskies are very affectionate, playful, and hardy in personality. They sometimes feel alone and bored.

Do they Smell

American Eskimo dogs usually don’t smell unless they are dirty or they have not taken a bath for many days. American Eskimo loves the climate, and they prefer their training and exercise in lovely weather. If they got dirty after exercise or training, you should take them to a bath. Otherwise, they start stinking.

How Bad do American Eskimo Dogs Shed?

Eskies have a beautiful fluffy appearance with a lot of hairs. Their white coat resembles the coat of a beautiful miniature panda. This breed is famous because they possess a hairy coat, and they shed a lot. Eskies fur requires regular grooming and care to avoid hair loss. As eskies don’t like to be left alone, you should pay keen attention to make them healthy and happy.

Do American Eskimo Dogs Smell? 1
Do American Eskimo Dogs Smell?

Regular hair loss

American Eskimo dog hair regularly grows and shed as a normal physiological process. They possess a thick furry coat. This dog breed loses hair almost regularly. What you need to do is to groom them to take away the dead hairs regularly. It is not recommended to shave or trim the hair to prevent shedding. Instead, shaving and trimming should only be done for medical reasons. To prevent hair loss, you should groom them rightly and regularly.

How do I stop my American Eskimo from Shedding?

There is a fun fact that American eskies are originated from German spitz, who are known for their agility and their guarding. Like eskies, German spitzes were also family pets because of their loving nature and docile behavior. They are very good with children as they make them excited all day long. They have got this playful behavior from spitz.

Tips to Prevent Hair loss

Eskimo hairs can be prevented from shedding if you maintain the diet and do regular grooming. Their diet should include all the nutrients: proteins, fats, lipids, amino acids, and omega-3 fatty acids. You can add some other supplements to make the diet delicious and more nutritious. Salman and rapeseed oil will be beneficial for hairs.

Do American Eskimo Dogs like to Swim

These double coat Eskimo dogs possess enough energy and need mental stimulation and physical exercise to release their high energy. Double coat eskies love training and enough exercise with their owners and family children as it is beneficial for their body health and hairy coat.

American Eskimo dog has been originated from the German Spitz. This dog breed was named American spitz in the 19th century and up till 1917, when everything was changed due to world war 1. This dog breed was recognized by the American kennel club (AKC) as American Eskimo in 1995. having the origin from German spitz American Eskimo dog is as energetic as his forefathers and loves swimming and other activities full of energy.

Eskimos love to swim.

American Eskimo dogs demand, because of their physical structure and nature, that their owner indulge them in enough interesting physical activities.

American Eskimo dog loves to play and splash water with their beloved owner. It becomes the need of the hour, in summers, to indulge your American Eskimo dog in activities that make them feel better. Taking your American Eskimo dog on a pool or pond will make the relationship between your dog more than your expectations.

Can You shave an Eskimo Dog?

Many people ask this question, and I answer “yes.” but I make them find a logical reason to do that. If they want to shave their American Eskimo dog because of the smell, I don’t recommend it. If there is some medical reason to shave their American Eskimo dogs, I do recommend it. If your puppy or an adult dog is suffering from a medical condition and your dog can live with the hairs on the skin coat, you must follow your vet’s recommendations and shave your dog.

To shave or Not

Shaving your dog is ok if you have a solid reason, but it is not ok because this dog breed looks beautiful with it luxurious coat. Also, you can’t make this dog survive in a harsh climate without a hair coat. This dog is good with children, and children feel happy with this beautiful breed. I don’t think you should disappoint your kids by shaving this beautiful dog.

Causes that Make an Eskimo Dog Smell

People think that this dog breed does not smell if they are in good health. It is not in the case of all dogs. Every breed of dog smells, and its smell is characteristic. Your dog may smell because of glands located on or near the ears or anus that produce characteristic odor. Or dogs may smell because of dirty coats or inflammation of skin coats. There may be allergic lesions on the coat that are the cause of the bad odor.

Is Dog Smell Alarming

As a health-conscious owner, it is your good approach to keep your dogs physically and emotionally healthy. Here! I will tell you how to keep your dogs healthy. You should differentiate between the regular smell and the smell from the disease. For this purpose, you should look for associated disease symptoms.

Health Problems that cause an Eskimo Dog to Smell

Your Eskie is always looking for your affectionate hands to do his grooming. You should not let your Eskie develop a thick coat; rather, you should prevent matting as it can cause serious issues. Most of the time, the reason for your miniature or adult Eskie to smell is a serious related disease problem. It can be of ears, skin coat, mouth, paws, or anywhere else on the body of your Eskie.

Do American Eskimo Dogs Smell? 2
Do American Eskimo Dogs Smell?

Diseases that cause the smell

Responsible dog owners are as intelligent as their dogs. Intelligent dog owners keep an eye on their dog’s health conditions like allergies to the skin, ears, food, dog’s fungus infections, localized infections, and inflammation. Your dog’s uncomfortable behavior may lead to scratching. Other pets can make your dogs uncomfortable. Excessive scratching or licking results in injuries and infections.

How to prevent my American Eskimo Dog from Smelling

Your intelligent breed needs you to manage your routine despite a busy life. You should make your dog feel like a part of your life. Pets get attached to their owners and this natural. They expect them to take care of the food, recreational activities, and bonding with other dogs of the same or different breed. You should be smart enough to analyze the cause of dogs’ smell. Regular bathing and preventing them from diseases and exposures to dirt will prevent them from smelling bad. If dogs smell even after, you should call a vet.

Do American Eskimo Dogs Smell? 3
Do American Eskimo Dogs Smell?

Ways to get Rid of the Smell

Dogs smell when you don’t maintain proper hygiene. Proper hygiene includes regular cleanliness. You should regularly brush their teeth and use a dental chew toy to remove unnecessary food stuck in the teeth. A dental chew toy will also be helpful for your dog to kill laziness. Regular bathing is always recommended, and regular grooming is the natural way to eliminate bad odor issues and infectious diseases.

Foods & Shampoos to keep my Eskimo Dog from Smelling

Regular bathing and grooming will help get rid of the bad smell, and if you are using a good shampoo for giving a bath, it would be great. There are healthy diets available that prevent bad smelling.


It is recommended, not in every case, to shift your pet on a raw diet as many breeds of dogs and cats do well on these diets due to their hereditary nature. Resources and studies on raw food show give us plentiful data to support the argument to shift sporting groups and a non-sporting group of dogs. Pet or companion animals of the canine or feline family are united in preferring raw food. Raw food full of essential nutrients maintains the body’s condition and prevents bad odor.

Do American Eskimo Dogs Smell? 4


Shampoos, specially medicated shampoos, are the best option to prevent your pet breeds from several critical issues. Medicated shampoos have ingredients to fight allergies, parasites, itching, and several other problems that may lead to the disease condition. Once your pet breeds are free from disease, this will go along way to help with any foul odors.

Final Thoughts

American kennel club (AKC) is a registered and trusted expert in breed information, training, and pets’ well-being. To summarize here, I must say that pets, especially American Eskimos, don’t smell if you maintain proper hygiene, but they do lose hair regularly. To cope with these two situations, you can follow the guidelines mentioned above.