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Bichon Frise Temperament: What’s it Like Owning One

Temperment of Bichon Frise

When planning to get a Bichon Frise, it is important to learn all the attributes and properties that come with the breed. One of the most important attributes to learn about is the dog’s temperament. Learning about the Bichon Frise’s temperament will help you decide whether or not they are compatible with your personality, lifestyle, and household.

The Bichon is a very playful pet, and it is easy to overlook the fact that they are still dogs and are prone to certain temperamental behaviors, associated with their playful Frisky Behavior.

Bichon has lots of favorable qualities. The Nature is affectionate and gentle and sensitive , all qualities that make it a very good canine companion.  We have found them to be very compassionate, and Loyal dogs. We have had them with all our children and never had one time when any of our children were bitten. Even when they were babies pulling and Tugging on the poor dog’s ears.

On the flip side, Bichon Frise dogs tend to suffer from separation anxiety in addition to fear aggression. If you plan to add a Bichon Frise to your household, you will benefit greatly from learning about the symptoms of separation anxiety and fear aggression and how to deal with the condition or avoid it altogether.

Their social nature they long to be in the middle of the action. I have seen them daily race the length of our house at full speed back and forth until they wore themselves out. Jump in my lap and take off again.

Quick History

The Bichon Frise descended from the Barbet, a type of water spaniel. Originally named Barbichon Cam after its ancestor the barbet. As time goes on the name making shortened to be known as Bichon. The Frise part of the name was added as a description of the natural curliness of the breed’s coat.

Their coat when groomed reminds you of Whit Cotton. Fluffed to be amazingly soft. I wish I could say that happens naturally, but to maintain that appearance they need to be Brushed Daily.

Bichon Frise’s have the Maltese and poodles as cousins as they all are descendants of the barbet. The Bichon Fise was a favorite among royalties until after the first world war when American soldiers brought them back and they became domesticated.

Fear aggression in Bichon Frise.

One of the most common temperamental problems of the Bichon Frise is fear aggression. As a prospective bichon owner, you will benefit greatly from understanding this Fear if you do decide to adopt a Bichon Frise. fear aggression is actually a part of a larger complex known as small dog syndrome. The Bichon Frise knows that it is a small dog and when they are threatened they tend to overreact in order to compensate for their tiny form.

They tend to display a show of aggression by growling, barking, or biting their would-be assailants. You need to understand that these signs are simply a way to compensate for the feeling of inadequacy due to its small size. We have seen them go protectively after trespassers that make their way to your house.

They made a very noisy Fierce Stand, which makes them a good Guard dog, from a noise standpoint. None of our Dogs ever Bit anyone even though in their protect mode, you thought that was going to be next.

They will not just run up and jump in the lap of strangers. You will need to gain their friendship and trust.

Handling Aggression – Dog Whisperer

How to deal with Fear aggression in Bichon Frise.

If you intend to acquire a Bichon Frise or you already have one, you need to understand how to deal with your dog. the most important thing to note is that you should never entertain any form of aggressiveness. Of course, you need to raise your dog with love and attention but also you need to be firm and assert your role as the leader of the pack. If our dogs ever Barked aggressively We would be very stern with them and challenge them. They do it all the time in Play, but if they challenge their authority – you need to be firm.

They are a small dog being too rough with them could break their spirit, but you must be firm enough that there is no question – you are in charge.

Consistency in training and positive reinforcement is the best way to deal with fear aggression in your Bichon Frise.

Train your Bichon Frise with a decent degree of assertiveness, be careful not to be mean to the dog. You can do this by establishing the rules that govern expected behavior and then demanding that your Bichon abides by these rules all the time.

If your dog behaves badly, be sure to scold but be careful not to yell at the dog. When your dog behaves accordingly, lavish it with praise. This practice will give your dog proper training as well as develop great temperament over time.

We cage trained all our dogs, so if they misbehaved we put them in their cages. Just long enough for them to connect their misbehavior with being put in Time Out. It worked very well.

Fear Aggressive Dogs – Difficult to deal with

Separation anxiety in Bichon Frise.

The Bichon Frise has lots of positive temperaments including playfulness and sensitivity. As a result of this, your Bichon Frise may likely grow too attached and then suffers separation anxiety on occasion. For Example, we cage trained our dogs so when we left for long periods of time we would put them in their cages. Then immediately upon getting home let them out to pee. Bichon’s normally will not pee or poop in their pens. If tnhey ever did we never punished them , assuming they had no other alternative because we were gone. Like a Baby in a Diaper, he does not like to be in a dirty diaper.

How to handle Separation anxiety

Dealing with separation anxiety in Bichon Frise

The best way to deal with separation anxiety in Bichon Frise is to spend ample time with your dog. The Bichon breed is a social animal that demands lots of attention and affection. because of this trait. if your lifestyle demands lots of traveling and you would need to be away from your dog for prolonged spells of time the Bichon Frise might not be the right breed for you. leaving your Bichon Frise alone for prolonged spells of time causes the dog to be overreactive when you get back. I have seen our dogs purposely pee in furniture – as a sign of protest like they were trying to train us. leave me and see what happens. For your Bichon Frise to make a good bet you would need to spend time at home. If you were an active person you would need to be able to take your dog along with you when you go out.

basically all you need to do is spend lots of time with your Bichon Frise and you will be rewarded with an affectionate gentle and happy dog matching it’s adorable appearance.

In addition to the temperaments that require a certain level of concern, the Bichon Frise also has positive temperaments.

What we also did to help was we installed a small dog door in our living room. It went to the outside and directly into our yard. Our Yard was fenced so they could not leave the yard

Bichon Frise Temperament: What’s it Like Owning One 1
Dog Door for Bichon Gives access to fenced back yard

but it gave them free access to get outside when they needed to, to use bathroom, or go out to protect their yard. It worked great in giving them freedom. And if you have them potty trained. It greatly alleviated any anxiety from being cooped up and left alone.

For about 10 Years we also use an electric Invisible Fence. It worked great with the dogs being so smart they learned immediately what the boundaries were. Again giving them the natural freedom to run, protect, guard and go the bathroom as they needed.

Other  Bichon Frise temperamental traits.

The Bichon Frise breed has a more popular and noticeable temperament of being playful and easygoing. This means that they may always find something to do in the house even if that something is not very agreeable to you.

The Bichon Frise is a fast learner and you can easily teach them New tricks. and because of its playful and easy go with nature, it is important that you teach them these tricks to keep them busy and occupied. You will also enjoy having a dog that learned cool tricks. The Bichon Frise is great with kids and this will also ensure that the dog maintains a stable and friendly temperament.

For about 4 years our Girls as they were growing up. Each had a Dog in which they participated in 4 – H, It was great for both the kids and the dogs. The dogs were trained to stand, be led, answer a command. And the Girls learned how to take care of their animals, to care, feed, groom and train them.

For such a small dog breed, the Bichon Frise has surprising good watchdog abilities and agility. They are very alert and attentive to their immediate environment. Like a little guard dog for your kids.

Owning Bichon Frise also comes with some level of responsibility, as with any other dog breed. You need to pay attention to health concerns.

You will find the Bichon Frise to be an amazing Friend and great with children and Older people. Being so lovable to be at home playing with kids, and also being so loving and affectionate to be a friend to an older person. many Widows bought our pups. They had lost their mates and wanted a tiny companion to be with. We saw this alot

But if you groom your Bichon Frise regularly, feed them well, and schedule regular visits to the vet, you are sure to have a cute adorable affectionate companion and an overall great pet.

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