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Bichon Frise Puppy Separation Anxiety

Bichon Frise Puppy Seperation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety in Bichon Puppy is separated from his Mother, His Brothers, and Sisters. If the Puppy is Older it can be Fear when separated from his owner. It can be Manifested with Crying, Biting and Chewing, Peeing on Objects as an expression of anger being left alone. Upon your return, he could display the Bichon Blitz

Understanding Seperation Anxiety

Bichon Frise Puppy Sleeping a lot

Let us Look at Normal Puppy. Bichon Puppies when they are small do sleep a lot, when they are small but sleeping is Normal just like a young Baby

  • First Born – Bith – 5 weeks – Only awake While they are eating
  • They will show a little more awake time once their Eyes are Open – then they can begin seeing Mom, environment, brothers, and sisters
  • Once they Become Weaned about – 6 weeks old – They are maybe playful and active a lot of Day – Playing then Napping just like a normal child
  • We never Sold / or Purchased a puppy Younger than 8 weeks old. As a Breeder we wanted them to see Vet Twice, have Physical and see that they are growing and gaining weight Normally – At that early age they still get tuckered easily – so will continue Napping
  • Bichon Puppies are Very Playful – by the time they are 6 Months Old they will start almost all the time be into their normal sleeping habits. Our Dogs get up at light – usually start going to bed at Dark – but usually stay up as long as we do.

Now Lets us look at some the things that might be causing to sleep a lot if something is not normal, something is wrong

  • We always watch closely on Puppy growth – it needs to be gaining weight, maybe until about 6 months when they level out AKC Standards for Bichon Frise Weight is 12 – 18 LBS.
  • We always watch for consistent poop – runny poop something is wrong
  • We always watched for parasite worms in Our Dogs Poop – if you see little pieces of Whit Rice in their stool – They have Worms
  • We Wormed our Adult Dogs twice a Year – we purchased Liquid wormer from our Vet – He gave it according to weight. Puppies can be born with worms from their mother. It will result in them being Tired – robbed of Energy – lethargic
  • We wormed our puppies before we gave any to new homes – worms are so prevalent i would watch this
  • Make sure dogs are eating properly – good nutritious food – we let our little puppies access to puppy food a lot when they were little – they are growing
  • Make sure you are feeding them Quality Puppy Food – Puppy Food has a very high nutrition level and they make it taste very good so puppies will willingly eat it.
  • Normally our dogs like to get up – they go out and use bathroom – Back in and Eat – back out and bathroom again – Good way to remember it if you put something in a dogs mouth – that activates his digestive system – their digestion system is very small – once you put something in – it will push something out – poop – Smile
  • If You have checked all the easy things – take your pet to the vet
  • Normally Bichons do not sleep a lot – sometimes a little more in winter and advanced age.

When do Bichon Puppies Calm Down

Being totally honest one of the things we love about our Bichons is that they are very Playful . Our adult dogs remain Playful until they are late age. Our Current Older Male Still does the Bichon Blitz and he is 14 Years old.

He probably only does it once a day now He still romps and plays with the younger dogs. Off and on all day. Here is a list of Time Bichons have a burst of energy

  • Puppy starts – solid food – we do this carefully to make sure constipation does not happen – but they will have a constant burst of energy
  • Puppies are extremely Energetic -till at least 6 months old
  • Puppies are very active when teething
  • Puppies have 28 baby Teeth, just like us when we are little they will come out and be replaced by 42 Permanent Teeth. This completes around 25 weeks.
  • Puppies’ first Heat cycle is she is a female usually somewhere around 6 months. We never allowed the females to breed until they were 1 year old.
  • Males if they come into contact with a female in Heat – He will claw, tear up screens, chew, fight other dogs to get to the female in heat – we noticed always bt the time the males were 6 months old

Bichon Frise Puppy Exercise

Bichon Puppy needs to exercise. When ours were little we placed them in Baby Pen in Back Yard, in the Grass. They will play and romp all day long – the older they get the longer they play, and the shorter the naps get.

In our yard we had 2 Acres they could run. They would run and play all day. Over the Thirty Years, we had an electric fence – This worked Great – little pricy but you can – just let your dogs have a complete reign of your available yard.

Bichons were very smart . They learned their perimeter quickly. I know they must have but I Never saw one of our dogs get shocked. They all were too smart

After 5 Years or so our Neighbor had a young boy and he became very mischievous and was constantly teasing the dogs trying to tempt them to cross the wire and get shocked.

His constant teasing we decided to put up a chain-link fence – which that worked great. We talked to his parents but he was a boy – so we decided to put up a chain-link.

Overall Thirty Years, the dogs remained in our property. We had one female dog. Her name was Candy. She was very intelligent and shes was the only one but she learned how to climb our 4′ chain link Fence.

We at the Time had 9 Females. She definitely ruled the Pack. We once had a rat that got into our house and she killed it. She was one of Our smaller females maybe 12lb at the most.

If you don’t have the option, they love leash walks. They also are a small dogs do exercising in the house will happen all day long.

Bichon Frise Sleeping Habits

We found that our dogs loved to have their own cage. It does not mean they lived in the cages. But they gave them a place of refuge. generally every night they would slowly move into their cages. We always left the cage doors open so they could come and go as they liked.

At dark, or when we went to bed they generally would go to their cages. They would lay down and most would do a little nesting and burrow in their blankets. Even though we gave each dog his own cage, many times several would sleep together.

Bichons love to snuggle, with you or each other. They generally very quiet when they sleep. They will bark at night if they hear anything unusual. You will not be able to creep around the house at night, they remain very alert.

Sometimes they kind of roll up in a curled ball. very often we see them sleeping on their sides and even laying on their backs with legs leaning up. Pretty cool.

Unless there is something is Wrong , Cold, Old Age, our dogs do not snore. Bichons are not Brachycephalic – Dogs bred with Short Faces – sometimes makes their natural breathing labored in those Breeds

Dogs Sleeping Postions

My Dog has to Sleep Touching Me

Bichons are very social, friendly communal pets. It is a sign of Warmth and affection that they are very devoted to you. Every morning as I am sitting working at my computer all my dogs come one at a time, to paw and scratch my arm. I have to quit typing, because of their insistence on having their head scratched.

It always has been amazing to be the levels of affection and loyalty dogs show to us. Even when we have treated our pets, poorly, ignored, left the, forgot to feed them, so many scenarios.

Still, the Bichons come up to you just wanting to Lick your hand, trying to kiss you. Begging you to scratch their head. It is simply an amazing display of forgiving affection that it would be wise for us to emulate.

Where Should a Bichon Frise sleep

Cage / Den / Place of Refuge

Let us Look at it from several angles. Dogs in the Wild have Burrows. Foxes and Wolves have their own Dens.

Many times they will Burrow a tunnel in sandy earth. In the rear of the Den will be the Dogs Birthing chamber. A den Provides several things

  • Safety
  • Refuge
  • Hiding
  • When feeling sick or afraid – able to hide
  • Separation from other dogs, Noisey Puppies.

Our dogs we have always provided them with cages. The Majority of the time they will retreat to their cage / Den many times during the day and at night.

At Night our bichons generally are situated so that they are facing the entrance or door of the cage. Kind of like they have a place to rest while looking for trouble – similar that is what they would do in the Wild.

In Bed with You

We generally have not let Dogs sleep with us/you might choose differently but here are some of the reasons that we have done that

  • Our Dogs are out in Yard a lot – easy to pick up Fleas
  • Easy for them to Carry a Tick into bed. Ticks love to crawl up branches and on leaves. When an unexpected animal brushes up to the branch or leave. The Tick picks up his ride. He will then slowly crawl and then find a soft spot to latch on and get his meal of Blood.
  • Dogs in their daily lives come into contact with other animals, crawl into hiding spots, areas to explore.
  • Our Dogs love to dig, in our gardens. So even though we give them a bath. They just love the outdoors and we never wanted the outdoors in our Bed
  • Dogs love affection and we did not enjoy being kissed. Dogs are generally clean animals, licking themselves, licking their Buts. At the meeting of another, they first go for their buts.
  • If you are a Lady and have your Monthly Periods. Male Dogs will smell Blood and reminds them of Female in Heat.
  • Again if you have a Dog that is mostly indoor or lap Dog. It will generally love to sleep with you they are loving companions

my dog has to sleep touching me

Bichons are pets of extreme companionship. They love to nuzzle up and be reminded of your Presence. It is by touching you communicating a lot of messages that can only be conveyed except by touch

  • Security – for them and also You
  • Safety
  • Love and acceptance
  • Protection
  • They know where you are at all night
  • Approval
  • Loyalty
  • Just a feeling that everything is all right

Why Does My Dog Sleep on Top of Me

One of My Bichons Curls up in my lap all the time. When I watch him he feels very peaceful when he curls up.

He will curl up and then take a nap. For dogs it is a sense of Security – even in Nature, they will snuggle with their family. I have always felt it as a sign of affection and desire to protect me at the same time.

Bichon Frise Puppy Facts – Bichon Puppy FAQ

We wanted to Sare some Important Bichon Frise Puppy facts based on our 30 Years of Breeding Bichons.

  • Bichon Puppies will lose their 24 Baby Teeth – Quickly
  • Bichon Puppies will lose the first coats that they have grown
  • Approaching adulthood – they will develop their two coats, the inner and the guard Hair
  • They are born looking like nakey Mice
  • They are Born wit Eyes Closed
  • They can be born with Worms
  • Puppy ShotsThey need two set, sometin=mes where you are at
  • Puppies need to be completely weaned before leaving the mother
  • Switching Puppies to solid food / High-Quality Puppy Food / we soften when we start it with water so guard against puppy getting constipated – which you have to watch for when you switch them to solid food. They will act like they’re are ravenous – so we monitor it closely
  • We let absolutely no contact with other dogs until puppies are older and have both sets of Shots
  • Parvo can kill all your puppies.
  • We do not allow visitors to come or handle newborns – people love to see feel kiss puppies but they can Catch a Cold.
  • We hold off giving our puppies shot until they are at least 6 weeks old to allow them to become as strong as possible
  • We had one littler we took in at 5 weeks, one puppy after receiving the shots was two weeks and contracted one of the diseases it was inoculated for – his coat fell out – he lost teeth – he went Blind in one eye. He became something that you would see in a Horror movie. When we took him in he was perfectly Healthy – But we had to put him to sleep – from that time one we never took our litters in early for puppy shots
  • We have Vet give Puppy Physical when they are getting their Puppy shots – they record it all in their puppy books
  • Be careful if you are using the Catheter feeding Method if you are not careful you can accidentally put the catheter in the puppy’s lungs, instead of stomach and you will drown Him – It complicated because if you don’t get him to eat he is also going to die.
  • When puppies are young we do not take them to stores, Place where a lot of outside exposure giving them as long as possible to be strong
  • Begin Potty Training Early – it helps if you take them out First in the morning and immediately after they eat
  • A Puppy usually normally will not mess, Poop, Pee in their pens. If you leave them too long they may not have a choice, but they try to avoid that
  • We tried to keep our Puppies from eating other animals poop. The poop will not hurt them, but if the dog’s poop has parasite eggs in it they will take up residence in Your Pup
  • 1st We lost the most of our newborns due to hypothermia, them getting cold
  • 2nd – Born not Breathing – We saved many puppies by giving them CPR
  • 3rd – Puppy not getting Food – not growing every day – they will get weaker and weaker every day
  • God Bless Darlene

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