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Are Chihuahuas Good with Kids?

Are Chihuahuas Good Dogs for Families

While many people view Chihuahuas as a breed of dog that only certain families can enjoy, this is not true. With proper training and socialization, your new friend will be able to adapt well in any household!

Are Chihuahuas Good with Kids?

Are Chihuahuas Good Dogs for Families – Chihuahuas are dogs that were originally bred in Mexico, although they have also been found in the American Southwest? They are small and compact and can be either long-haired or short-haired. Chihuahuas make great companions for people who like to travel because of their size (they don’t need a lot of space). They also work well as watchdogs. Are Chihuahuas Good with Kids?

Chihuahua Dog Breed History

Chihuahua was thought to descend from a cross between the Techichi and several varieties of terrier. The chihuahua is one of the oldest dog breeds, dating back to ancient times with some historians suggesting they were domesticated by Toltec civilization as companion dogs for nobility. They are thought to be descended from an old Central American domestic breed type that has existed that was used for food and were known as chihuahuas or Techichi. The chihuahua is also called the “purse dog” because of its size and how easily it can be carried around in a handbag. Chihuahuas are now popular all over the world, especially with celebrities like Paris Hilton who owns four chihuahuas. The chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog and was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1904. Chihuahuas also make great companions for people who like to travel because of their size (they don’t need a lot of space). They also work well as watchdogs – chihuahuas will bark when strangers come around. Are Chihuahuas Good with Kids?

American Kennel Club Description of the Dog Breed

Chihuahua dog breeders have a long history of chihuahua breeding in Mexico, with the ‘chis’ being recognized as an official Mexican breed since 1884. The chis were originally bred to be used by miners for their small size so they could fit in the chis’ tunnels and for their highly sensitive hearing, which enabled them to alert miners of oncoming danger. Chihuahuas were also bred as soon-to-be pets throughout Europe and North America during this time period.

In 1904 chihuahua breeders united to form a club that was called ‘Mexican Chihuahua Club of America’. The chis were then recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1904 and became an AKC-recognized breed.

Today, chihuahuas are still popular as pets around the world because they’re small enough to fit in a purse or pocket, but also have a big personality that makes them fun and entertaining to be around.

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small breeds

Chihuahuas are a Toy Breed and Chihuahua Puppy and Adult Dog can have these problems

The Chihuahua breed is plagued with, There are several health problems that are characteristic of the breed, including pulmonary disease, cardiac arrhythmias (irregularity of the heartbeat), eye problems like cataracts, and progressive retinal atrophy, allergies.

– Chihuahuas are also susceptible to a potentially fatal neurological disorder called Chiari malformation in which the brain is pushed down due to excess fluid on the spinal cord. This can lead to syringomyelia or hydrocephalus.

– The breed is also prone to patellar luxation, a condition in which the kneecap slips out of its normal position and causes lameness or pain when walking on that leg.

– Other common health issues include hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), digestive problems, seizures, and liver shunts.

– In addition, chihuahuas are sensitive to anesthesia and they can’t tolerate heat as well as other breeds.

The Chihuahua is a small dog that has some health problems like the ones mentioned above!

small breeds

Are Chihuahua easy to train?

Chihuahua dog breed is very smart and is easy to train if you know what you are doing. The chihuahua is a very small breed, meaning that it can be lifted into higher places. It’s also not difficult to train this dog because the chihuahua doesn’t have strong instincts as other breeds do.

– The chihuahuas are known for being stubborn and they’re going to try their best at convincing you that they’re not the chihuahua you think they are.

– The chihuahuas have a “jerk and run” mentality meaning that if they don’t get what they want, or when their owner is disciplining them, then they will quickly jerk away from the situation before running off as fast as possible.

– This breed can be very difficult to train in general.

– chihuahua breeders recommend that you start training this dog as early as possible because it will help alleviate some of the difficulties later on down the road.

What is wrong with Chihuahuas?

There are many Chihuahua problems that can occur in Chihuahuas. Chihuahua typically has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years, so it is important for Chihuahuas’ owners to know the most common Chihuahua issues before they buy one, and how to potentially remedy them. One major issue with Chihuahuas is their teeth. Chihuahua’s have smaller mouths, which makes it difficult for them to chew larger kibble or hard treats that might not be appropriate for the Chihuahua breed. The Chihuahua must also continuously clean his/her mouth because food can remain in and around the teeth after eating. Chihuahuas also have a habit of sucking on clothing, furniture, and other items. Chihuahua typically doesn’t get enough exercise due to their small size so they usually need daily walks in order to release energy or be able to sleep comfortably at night. Chihuahuas are prone to back problems because of their size.

Also being so small young children can accidentally hurt them.

Are Chihuahuas good for First-Time Dog Owners?

chihuahuas are one of the most popular breeds in America, even though they’re typically not considered large dogs. Chihuahuas can be good for first-time owners as long as you know what to expect and prepare accordingly. Chihuahua puppies require lots of attention early on because they will want to climb under everything if left alone. Chihuahuas are also a high-strung breed, so they need lots of mental stimulation as well. Chihuahua puppies have an energy level that is difficult for many people to handle – it’s important for them to be walked on a leash and not allowed in off-limit areas where they can get hurt or destroy items. Chihuahuas are also fairly high maintenance because they require frequent brushing to maintain their coat, and lots of travel in a carrier as well. Chihuahua puppies love attention from humans but can be difficult house guests for owners that live in tight living spaces with small children or other pets.

They are great for older people, for ease of care and handling, small size, and their affectionate and protective nature.

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small breeds – adult chihuahua

Is a Chihuahua a Good Family Pet?

In considering a Chihuahua as a pet for your family, it’s important to understand that Chihuahuas are toy dogs, not a breed for families with children. Chihuahua puppies can be fragile and prone to injury because they’re so small; some Chihuahuas might also nip at children if they feel threatened by them. Additionally, Chihuahuas live an average of 15 years, which means Chihuahuas will be in your family for a long time.

Chihuahuas also demand most of the attention and can become jealous if they are not the center, Chihuahuas also need to be taken on walks and played with. Chihuahuas can make great pets for single people or adults without children, but Chihuahuas may not be a good choice as a pet for your family if you have small kids in the home.

Are Chihuahua High Maintenance?

  • Chihuahuas are the smallest breed of dog, and they can be seen as high maintenance or low maintenance pets.
  • Chihuahua’s require less exercise than other dogs because their small size makes it difficult for them to run long distances.
  • Chihuahuas need more grooming than many breeds because they have a long coat that needs to be trimmed regularly.
  • Chihuahuas are more sensitive than other breeds, so they require owners who can offer support and understanding at all times.

Need to Show Extra Care with Teacup Chihuahua, and with this Toy Breed

-Chihuahua puppies are small in size, so they attract a lot of attention from people who want to give them baths or cut their nails because chihuahuas don’t do well with anything more than an occasional brushing

-It’s important that chihuahua owners know how to protect their pet from getting hurt and what to do if chihuahua puppies are sick

-The most important thing is that chihuahuas need a lot of attention, love, and care so they can grow up healthy. You have to be extremely careful with them because chihuahuas can suffer from heatstroke quickly or get dehydrated by drinking too much water

-Chihuahua puppies are very sensitive to temperature and chihuahuas can’t handle excessive heat

-If you do not have air conditioning, it is crucial that chihuahuas be protected from high temperatures by either having a family member or friend come over during the day to keep chihuahuas cool or go outside and play during the day

-Chihuahuas can’t get overheated by playing in cool water or taking chihuahua puppies to a park that has grass. They need shade, cool surfaces, and fresh air

-It’s also extremely important that chihuahua owners know how to handle chihuahuas if chihuahua puppies are sick and chihuahuas need to go to the vet

-Chihuahuas have a very high metabolism which is great for chihuahua puppy weight loss, but it also means that chihuahuas can’t handle too much exercise

-It’s important not to overfeed chihuahuas because chihuahuas don’t always know when they’re full and chihuahua puppies can get food poisoning or diarrhea if chihuahuas eat too much

-It’s also crucial that chihuahua owners know the different types of foods to feed their pet so chihuahuas don’t have any problems later on in life such as chihuahuas getting sick with canine diabetes

-It’s important to feed chihuahua puppies a high-quality food that is meant for chihuahuas because chihuahua puppies can be allergic to some types of dog food and chihuahuas are prone to pancreatitis. You need to look at the ingredients on the chihuahua puppy food packaging so chihuahuas are healthy

Are Chihuahuas Really that Bad?

The short answer is: it depends. Are you talking about the breed? Or are we just asking if they’re good pets for someone who wants a dog but doesn’t want to deal with any of the heavy lifting that comes along with owning a larger dog ? Let’s tackle these two questions separately.

Chihuahuas usually weigh less than six pounds, so they’re easy to move around. They also usually have an average lifespan of between 12 and 20 years, which is substantially longer than that of many other breeds. Which means for companionship they will be around.

Some of the things that might be considered bad are possibly

  • Very active dog
  • Fearless will attack another dog no matter what the size
  • very jealous if you have a family
  • Usually a one-person dog
  • Barks a lot

Are Chihuahuas Easy to Train?

It is not easy to train a Chihuahua because they are headstrong and independent. How do you get around this? You need to be their pack leader, which means that you have the last say in everything. This will help them learn how they should behave. Also, make sure that there’s consistency with your commands-don’t tell them to do two different things at once. It is also good to socialize them with other dogs and people so they learn how to behave in public situations as well.

It is also better if you start with a young Chihuahua because they will be more receptive to your instructions. If you have an older Chihuahua, it may take a while for them to get used to the idea of being trained and could require some extra work on your part.

It is also good if you teach them how to walk nicely on a leash so they don’t pull on your arm. Make sure to use a leash that is the right length and not too short or too long.

It’s also important for them to learn how to sit, shake hands, come when called, and stay in place even with distractions such as other animals passing by or something new entering their territory.

To teach them these commands, start out with one simple command and then build from there. You may need to reward them often at first, but eventually, they will learn the meaning of your commands without a treat in sight. How do you train a Chihuahua? It’s not difficult if you are consistent and clear about what behavior is expected.

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adult chihuahua

Do Chihuahuas Love their Owners?

Chihuahuas are very loyal to their owners. Chihuahuas are affectionate and love to be with people, so they will show unconditional love for the owner by following them around and being close to them all day long. Chihuahuas need attention every single day in order to feel satisfied

– Chihuahuas can also be very protective over their owners because Chihuahuas are very territorial. Chihuahuas can be standoffish and unfriendly to strangers, so the Chihuahua will show their love for the owner by behaving in an aggressive manner towards anyone who is not familiar

– Chihuahuas have a great sense of hearing which helps them protect their owners from intruders and also from potential threats. Chihuahuas will bark aggressively at anything that they hear and see, so if the Chihuahua senses a threat to their owner then it is imperative for them to protect them

Chihuahuas do not have a lot of muscle strength which makes it difficult for them to defend themselves or their owners. Chihuahuas will often resort to attacking the intruder with their teeth if they are not able to do so in any other way

– Chihuahuas can be very protective of children. Chihuahua dogs love kids and enjoy being around them, so it is common for a Chihuahua dog to become at least friendly with a child. Chihuahuas will often take it upon themselves to protect the children from any danger or harm

– Chihuahua dogs are very patient and they can tolerate anything that their owners might do. Chihuahuas are one of the most obedient dog breeds, so Chihuahuas will obey commands from people no matter how strange or difficult the commands might be. Chihuahuas will not disobey their owner

– Chihuahuas are also very intelligent, so they know when something is going to happen before it actually does. Chihuahua dogs can be trained and taught different tricks that showcase this intelligence.

Do Chihuahuas like to Cuddle?

Yes, Chihuahuas enjoy cuddling with their humans. They love to be close to you and will often make themselves comfortable in your lap or on the bed if given a chance. In fact, they get grumpy when left alone for too long! Do not forget that these little dogs are descended from desert animals who became accustomed to living in the warmth of a shelter. When they have somebody to cuddle with, their bodies will release oxytocin and serotonin – both hormones that make them feel good!

The Chihuahua we had gone I was young would climb beside me and take a nap, he loved to cuddle and snuggle, even when he became much older in age.

Are Chihuahuas Good with Kids?

Chihuahuas are very friendly and loving, they are also very protective with children, especially if they are gotten as a puppy. Kids love to play with them because of their boundless energy, and the little guys love to play also.

On the Flipside of that question.

The Chihuahua is a fragile animal that needs extra care because of its size. Are Chihuahuas good with kids? Yes, as long as the child knows not to pick up or hug the dog without asking permission first. The Chihuahua is a small dog that does not like to be picked up and carried, so it’s important for children to understand how fragile the animal may be.

A child should never approach Chihuahuas without first asking permission because they are very shy animals who do not always want to interact with humans. Are Chihuahuas good with kids? Yes, but it’s important for the child to first ask permission before approaching.

Why Chihuahuas are so Aggressive?

his toy dog breed tends to be aggressive for the following reasons:

– They were bred to be aggressive and territorial. This is the breed’s natural instinct, so they’re always on guard against other animals

– Small spaces cause them to become anxious in their homes or apartments because of all of the movement (which can make them feel threatened)

– These dogs are often not socialized with people from a young age. They’re not friendly because they’ve never learned how to be that way

– If this breed is raised with other, more docile animals in the home, it’s often due to abuse and neglect on their owner’s behalf

– People also train them as guard dogs or attack dogs so when strangers come near their homes, they’re aggressive

– They can also become territorial if their owner or favorite person is no longer around. This could be because of the breed’s instinct to guard the household and protect what it considers its territory

What are Chihuahuas Known For?

Chihuahuas are known to be fearless creatures. They are also known for being very social and have an extensive vocal range so they can chat with their owners all day long.

They are known to be jealous and will get territorial if they don’t want somebody around.

They can be very yappy and some people think that it is annoying, but the Chihuahua’s owners say that this is just their way of telling them how much they love them.

The Chihuahuas are also known for being good watchdogs because they bark constantly.

They are known to be moody and some people say that they can be way too sensitive.

If somebody is new to the household then a Chihuahua will bark at them and go into defense mode until it gets used to their scent.

Chihuahuas are also known for being very playful dogs because of their small size. They enjoy long walks on leashes and being able to run around outside.

Those is just a few things that Chihuahuas are known for and they make great pets because of their loveable attitudes!

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tiny dog – companion dog

How Smart is a Chihuahua Dog?

This toy breeds intelligence is high and is the smartest toy breed of dog. Chihuahuas are as smart as a two-year-old child and can learn commands after only five to twenty repetitions.

Chihuahua dogs rank 95 out of 139 breeds in intelligence, making them one of the most intelligent toy breed dogs you could adopt! They also have an average lifespan of 15 years.

Chihuahuas are known for their feisty nature and spirited personality! How smart is a chihuahua dog?

Where did the name Chihuahua come from?

Chihuahuas have been in history for many years and are named Chihuahua because they live there. They were first brought to America by a French mining engineer, M.E. O’Connor who found them on Mexico City’s Chinatown district after he saw them in 1894 with the name “Chinese Pup”. They were renamed Chihuahua after the Mexican state.

The history of this breed is complicated so we will stick to its history in Mexico where they are first imported from China by Christopher Columbus’s crew when he landed on Puerto Rico on his second voyage in 1493 and named them Xoloitzcuintle, which means “dog from the Aztec Empire”.

Their name comes from where they became known in Mexico, the region of Chihuahua.

What are Chihuahuas Good For?

Chihuahuas are one of the smallest dog breed in the world and they’re extremely popular. What makes them so special? Chihuahuas can be good for a variety of different things, depending on what you need from your companion animal. If you want something that is small enough to live with children or other pets, then this might be a good choice for you. What are Chihuahuas good for? They’re also great if you have allergies and need something that doesn’t shed very much or at all, as they can make a perfect pet in your home.

Chihuahuas come from Mexico originally and were bred to hunt game such as rabbits. Now, they’re found in many homes and are bred to be companion animals. What are Chihuahuas good for? They can also make a great household watchdog, because of their loud bark which is perfect if you live alone or have your windows open at night time.

What are some other things that people might use them for? Some people use them as show dogs, while others like to train them as service animals. What are Chihuahuas good for? They might also be a great choice if you’re looking for an animal that requires little exercise and won’t take up too much space in your home or yard.

What were Chihuahuas Originally Used for?

In ancient Mesoamerica, there was little difference between wild and domestic animals; both could be pets as well as resources. Dogs of varying sizes would have been encountered in the wild, and it is likely that the Chihuahua has origins as a man’s best friend from these encounters.

Originally they were thought to be wild dogs. Early they were used as food. As they became domesticated. They moved to watch dogs being fearless and noisy.

Their popularity increased as they moved into pet status, being small, toy size, little food, little poop, Celebrities began keeping them.

Taco Bell began using them in their advertising, and lately, Disney has had several movies centered on talking Chihuahuas.

Chihuahuas as Show dogs

In Dog Shows Chihuahuas are usually handled by children, Chihuahua breeders and experienced owners. They are called upon when a Chihuahua needs to be shown in the toy group class of dog shows or as part of any other type of show that has different groups for smaller dogs.

The Chihuahua is one small but mighty breed that has captured the hearts of many and is recognized by many. Chihuahuas as Show dogs are one of the most popular breeds to be shown in dog shows today.

In Dog Shows Chihuahuas are usually handled by children, Chihuahua breeders and experienced owners. They are called upon when a Chihuahua needs to be shown in the toy group class of dog shows or as part of any other type of show that has different groups for smaller dogs.

The Chihuahua is one small but mighty breed that has captured the hearts of many and is recognized by many. Chihuahuas as Show dogs are one of the most popular breeds to be shown in dog shows today.

Types of Chihuahuas that are in the show competition are Chihuahuas that have a long, smooth coat and Chihuahua’s with short hair.

Children also show these dogs in 4-H and fairs. Chihuahuas are also seen in the show circuit as well.

How to Groom a Chihuahua

– Start with a bath. Fill your sink or tub about halfway up and run the water until it is lukewarm, not too hot but not cold either.

– Add in some dog shampoo that has been specially made for sensitive skin such as Aveeno’s. Make sure to double rinse the shampoo out. We also use tearless, which is very mild and helps when cleaning your pet’s face.

– Let your Chihuahua soak in the bath for about ten minutes so that all of his hair is wet and then drain water from the tub or sink. Immediately afterward, grab a towel and start drying off your dog completely until he’s dry as a bone! Be gentle with their ears, as Chihuahuas have very sensitive ears and hair.

– After your Chihuahua is completely dry, it’s time for the fun part: grooming! Gather all of your supplies including a brush that has been made especially for their coat types such as an undercoat rake or slicker brush (the kind with metal pins).

– Start brushing your Chihuahua’s coat in the direction of hair growth. This will help remove all loose and dead undercoats that can cause matting, as well as distribute natural oils throughout their fur. If you notice any mats while brushing them out, don’t be afraid to cut them off with some scissors or an electric trimmer. No matter how much you brush out their coat, there will still be some loose hair in the undercoat so don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t go away on its own.

– Now that your Chihuahua is all groomed up and looking shiny and healthy, replace his collar with a new one or add some bows to his ears!

Are Chihuahuas dogs Clingy?

They tend to be cling because of their loyal and affectionate nature.

They are loyal dogs and they will usually follow you around the house for attention if they don’t get it from you when they want it. However, because their small size makes them agile and quick, many people find that after a while of this behavior getting old, they can give up on their Chihuahua and leave the dog to do his or her own thing.

Some people will find that this behavior becomes a nuisance and they resort to using negative reinforcement to teach their Chihuahua not to be so clingy, but there are some behaviors you can train your pet for them to stop following you around constantly.

If your pup is waking you up every hour or so to get attention, you can teach them that they need to wait for a certain amount of time before getting your attention. You could also give them an item like a toy and tell them it is not appropriate until later in the day or when someone else plays with him or her.

The key is finding what works best for you and your dog.

Do Chihuahuas like to be Held?

They make good lap dogs and love to cuddle for hours on end, so it’s safe to say they enjoy being held.

They’re also real escape artists; if you don’t keep a tight hold on them when walking outdoors they’ll be off running the other way.

Furthermore, because of their small size and short hair Chihuahuas should not live outside in cold and wet climates.

In the end, they are not only clingy but intelligent, playful, and too cute for words! They are great companion dogs.

We had one of our Ladies at church, she would bring her teacup chihuahua every Sunday morning. He would stay in her purse. He got more attention than the preacher.

Are Chihuahuas Good Inside Dogs?

They are great inside dogs because they do not shed much, they are pretty small so they can’t cause too many problems, and because of their size, it is easy to take them with you anywhere.

But there is a downside: these dogs will always want your attention! They cannot be left alone for long periods of time because they get very attached to one person or another.

They also don’t eat very much, and their poop is also small.


  • Small
  • Little food
  • Extremely loyal
  • Loud watchdogs
  • easily trained
  • Love to walk on leash
  • Short-haired varieties
  • Easily Groomed


  • Can be loud
  • Like to chew
  • Demand attention
  • Easily broken with small size

Do Chihuahuas Pick a Favorite Person?

Chihuahuas are very much like people, in that they have their favorites and will favor one person over others – this just means they would prefer the company of a particular family member to others while still enjoying time spent with all members of the family too.

It can depend on what that family member does for them or gives to them more than anything else. You have to make the time for them, and be patient with their little quirks such as being afraid of loud noises or other dogs instead of picking a favorite person they will love you unconditionally.

They are also perfect for older people, widows, and widowers because of the attachment they will form. great companionship for a single lonely person. A perfect companion dog.

Final Thoughts – Are Chihuahuas Good with Kids?

What chihuahuas need to be happier is what they are given; the companionship of their human. They will love you and cuddle with you for hours, always wanting more. You can also teach them tricks as well! Their personality is one that needs attention but not too much at a time. A chihuahua may not be the perfect dog for everyone, but they are a great pet to have in your life. They will love you unconditionally and want nothing more than just to please you.

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